Facebook’s 4 tips for staying ahead of the competition!

As we work very closely with Facebook, we occasionally get exclusive access to the geniuses at Facebook HQ. Last month, we visited them in Dublin and they had some useful tips for staying ahead of the competition when using Facebook:

1. Lights, camera, action!

Facebook is favouring animated graphics and videos rather than still images for adverts. Studies show that around 30% more people interact with videos than pictures. So, businesses should look to create engaging video content for the best possible results.

2. Tell your story

Buying customers are those that trust and feel part of a brand. So, Facebook wants you to tell your story a little more instead of demanding immediate action through ‘GIVEAWAYS’ and ‘BUY NOW’ adverts. Then, once you’ve nurtured your audience, they’ll soon be ready to take the jump and buy your products. 

3. Keep it interesting

Paid Facebook adverts are, of course, very important but so are organic posts. It’s important for all potential customers to be able to validate you through these posts as well as your adverts. By posting interesting content you can keep the attention of the customer and avoid them looking elsewhere.

4. Take your time

Successful Facebook campaigns take time. Finding the right demographic to target is a skill and one that can’t be rushed, neither can testing the right creative to use in adverts. Your ideal customers are out there and with a little patience, you’ll reach them.