Gorilla Workwear have got all the gear, and all the ideas through PPC campaign with Add People

Having joined with Add People in August 2020, Gorilla Workwear recently took the decision to supercharge their PPC campaign, resulting in tremendous growth in a short space of time.


In a push for more sales, Gorilla Workwear were looking to increase their ad budget. Quickly increasing the ad budget doesn’t necessarily equal more sales and therefore could have an impact on ROAS. So, it was important to proceed with caution, in order to carefully manage the budget through precise targeting.


It began by highlighting the most efficient places they could spend their budget. The top-performing brands and products were identified, and these were then split into their own campaigns. This enabled the team to ensure that the increased budget was being utilised in the areas that would bring the greatest returns. So, with a concise strategy in place, the budget was increased from £3,000 to £10,000 a month.


The results have been monumental, achieving a 196% increase in the number of sales (month on month), leading to a 256% increase in revenue. As well as this, a staggering 21,000 user visits to the site through paid ads – a 35% increase! Through harnessing a strong working relationship between the client and Account Manager, they were able to conquer the challenges in front of them and ultimately maintain the target ROAS. Gorilla Workwear are now looking to invest in other sources, in order to boost sales even further.


“With effective budget management from Add People, in a short time period we have seen huge growth, with large increases in sales and revenue through our PPC campaigns.”
Russell, Managing Director at Gorilla Workwear