Facebook advertising found the perfect, niche audience for The Hairpin Leg Co.

With instant, positive returns through Facebook advertising, The Hairpin Leg Company have been able to increase their monthly budgets, capitalize on the positive performance and drive more converting traffic to the website.


It was never going to be straight forward to advertise an extremely niche product on social media; And this is exactly what The Hairpin Leg Company were finding. It was Add Peopleโ€™s challenge to find the right audience to target on social media without spending a fortune, that would bring in converting traffic for The Hairpin Leg Co.


Through top-funnel lifestyle adverts, Add People were able to engage with The Hairpin Leg Coโ€™s ideal audiences, which included value-based lookalikes. From these, high-valued customers that have previously passed through the site were targeted, as well as those interested in topics such as DIY and home improvements.

Creating both a range of static and dynamic remarketing campaigns enabled us to reach a much wider audience whilst still keeping it highly focused to ensure our budget was being spent most effectively.


In just 4 months, The Hairpin Leg Company saw their sales accumulate 480 from the targeted Facebook ads. This resulted in an average Return On Ad Spend of a huge 1,270% and an increase in revenue of 90%.