How Local SEO increased ACE Rent a Van’s organic traffic by 70%!


ACE Rent a Van, a van hire company offering business in and around London, came to Add People with the aim of increasing their local, online visibility affordably. Signing up for our SE Local product, a low cost, entry level SEO service for small businesses, we made it our priority to make ACE Rent a Van visible online!


If you were looking to rent a van, logically, you would want to hire one within a close distance to yourself. Because of this, we wanted to ensure that anyone searching for van hire within a 10-mile radius of ACE Rent a Van would easily find them and click through to the site; creating and boosting local visibility encompasses the whole reasoning of Search Engine (SE) Local and an obvious reason why this product is perfect for businesses wanting to grow locally. Therefore, some of our main tasks for ACE Rent a Van were:

–    Setting up a Google My Business page

–    Increasing traffic to the Google My Business page

–    Link building with other websites to help increase referral traffic

–    Adding new pages to the site with location and keyword focused content



Since signing up for SE Local, ACE Rent a Van have noticed that their organic web traffic now accounts for 70% of their site traffic, translating to on average 1,900 visits per month! This statistic clearly highlights the positive impact and huge effect that well managed, locally-focused SEO can have on a website.

By creating new pages for the website, which contained geographical and product-specific content, ACE Rent a Van witnessed their page views increase by 90%! This is an outcome of the business now ranking for key terms on Google, a result to the area specific, keyword focused content on the site. ACE Rent a Van now ranks for:

–    ‘Van hire New Cross’

–    ‘Van hire Croydon’

–    ‘Van hire South London’

By ranking for these key terms, ACE Rent a Van saw a dramatic increase in their Google My Business page as customers in the local area were now finding the business easily; their ‘New Cross’ listing has now received 16,000 views, which translated into an astonishing 237 calls!

With an increase of 100% in the number of new users to the site, as well as users increasing by 100%, it is evident that SE Local has been extremely beneficial at getting Ace Rent a Van seen! With 92% of customers picking a business on the first page of local search results, SE Local has provided ACE Rent a Van with the opportunity to increase their visibility in their local areas, attain users and convert them into customers.