More loving homes and foster carers created through Facebook advertising for Mulberry Foster Care

With an average lead per month of only 0-1, Mulberry Foster Care joined Add People with the need to build relationships through online advertising to encourage more conversions. Using Facebook Messenger campaigns was the perfect way to engage in and develop conversations.


Foster caring is a huge commitment for anyone; so finding the right target audience that would be relevant and perform well was a huge challenge. Broadcasting the correct message was also a challenge, as it was important to find an effective way to entice people to want to engage and find out more information about being foster carers, without feeling the pressure to have to apply straight away.


In order to allow people to learn more about fostering before deciding whether to apply, Add People implemented a Facebook messenger campaign. This allowed people to freely and easily ask questions about foster caring and establish a relationship with Mulberry Foster Care before converting.


After only 3 months of the campaign being live, Mulberry Foster Care received 55 messenger conversations which originated from the Facebook Ads created by Add People; 30% of these then converted into carer applications! This is a huge increase from Mulberry Foster Care’s average lead per month which was around 0-1 before they began advertising on Facebook.