Optimised Shopping campaigns are opening the door for Knobbles & Bobbles’ success

Knobbles & Bobbles optimised Shopping campaigns with specific keywords to increase visibility by over 12x and drive sales up by over 10x in just one year.


The first challenge was getting the product in front of more people. We prioritised advertising on Google Shopping, getting to work reviewing existing campaigns and identifying themes and trends. Lucy’s existing marketing was generating sales, but she needed to reduce the CPA. Specifically, mobile campaigns were seeing lots of traffic but not converting at a high enough rate.


To tackle this, we devised showcase campaigns to capitalise on the 110k generic searches for ‘door knobs’. We chose search terms that were super-specific, such as ‘Moroccan door knobs’, to target the customers most likely to convert. We then dived into the data to find out which time slots saw the most conversions and built schedules with this in mind. Finally, we added a wealth of product information to Shopping ads, including colour, material and title.


Since working with us, Knobbles & Bobbles are appearing on Shopping, Display, YouTube and Gmail. “The improvement in visibility has been phenomenal – up 1108% in just six months,” Lucy reports. Not only did combining campaigns across channels save on budget, it also increased footfall and drove up the clickthrough rate. The conversion rate went up by 39% and sales rose by 926% between July 2018 and July 2019.