Facebook Starter

Facebook has 2 billion monthly users. Your customers are there, so make sure you are too!

Tap into a new source of business using Facebook. With Facebook Ads, we can reach your ideal customer by location targeting, filtering demographics and even using your existing database to create lookalike audiences.

Reach 1000s of potential customers

Make sure you’re not missing out and join hundreds of our clients utilising the world’s number 1 social network site

Brand awareness and remarketing

We gather data on people who have engaged with your adverts and website to later remind them of your products or services.

Lead Gen to Ecommerce

Whether you want to generate new leads or get customers to buy your online products, we have various options to suit your needs.

  • Facebook Ads
  • "I can very happily say that in the 6 years I have been running my business that investing in Add People is the best investment I have ever made!"

    Sulina - Gelato Heaven

    "All of our account managers stick to Facebook Ads' best practices and are also trained designers. So, not only are our ads effective, they look good too!"

    Matt - Head of Social Product at Add People