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eCommerce PPC management that targets your audience & drives sales!

A service that focuses on the products, not the brand – so you can challenge the Goliaths in your industry.

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We’re a Manchester-Based PPC Management Company, Designed for SMEs.

No matter your industry, budget, or experience, our team is here to design a bespoke campaign that’s right for you.

This service of ours is specifically designed for small to medium-sized eCommerce businesses. We’ll provide you with a dedicated account manager who will learn everything about your business and manage a finely-tuned Google Shopping Ads campaign from the ground up.

The main platform we use for this service, Google Shopping, is the place to be if you run an eCommerce company because it streamlines everything.

Better yet, the focus on products instead of brands means that your business doesn’t need to be a household name or established brand to deliver results. This small factor means that you can compete with companies that have ten times your budget.

What you’re getting with this eCommerce PPC package:

Campaigns started from scratch

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used PPC before or you’ve been using it to make money for years, our experts can set you up with Google’s platforms and explain everything along the way – if you’re even interested!

Expertly designed ads and product listings

As a trusted PPC agency, our team members all have excellent copywriting experience. This means we know what to include to make ads and product listings even more clickable. When you’re competing with Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords) campaigns from competitors within the search engine, this is key.

A dedicated account manager

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager that we pick to suit your industry and your goals, who will learn your business inside out to ensure a smooth PPC strategy going forwards. These will be readily available over the phone or email whenever you need them to answer any questions you have or for us to report back on our successes.

Help from an award-winning team

Not only will you have your account manager to take you through your PPC campaigns, but they will have a team of 150+ employees that they can lean on. If you have a question about SEO, social media, remarketing – there’s always someone around that can help.

Effective brand building

By working on your shopping ads and products, we will be building a brand for your business that will get thousands of eyes on it. While our PPC services can deliver revenue on a quick turnaround, a quality brand is key for long-term stability and success.

Constant campaign optimisation

We will constantly work to improve your visibility and return on investment with Google Shopping. This means we’ll always be tweaking to get you shown for more relevant searches while paying for a cheaper cost per click with our Feed Optimisation package.

A Google Premier Partner

No, our friends at Google can’t get you ranking at position one as a favour. But, as a Google Premier Partner, having access to exclusive tools and unique insights definitely helps us do it ourselves, though. After all, it is comfortably the biggest search engine around – where better for a digital marketing agency like ours to thrive in?

Featured case study

Baby Boutique see a BOOM in revenue through shopping campaigns with Add People!

In January 2020, Baby Boutique made £151.27 from paid ads. By January 2021, with Add People at the helm, they brought in over £16,000 through our bespoke PPC campaign. This adds up to a crazy, 11,015% increase in year-on-year revenue through their website.


year-on-year increase in revenue


year-on-year increase in conversions


revenue in one month from paid ads

Our partners

After making a name for ourselves in Manchester and then the wider Digital Marketing industry, it only made sense to partner with some of the other biggest names in the field (You’ve heard of Amazon, right?). These give us a competitive advantage over many eCommerce PPC agencies you might have looked at, which is important when the Google search results page is so key to building revenue. These are just some of the giants we’ve partnered with:
Google Premier Partner Logo
Facebook Marketing Partner
Amazon Advertising logo

We're proud of our reputation

Want to drive sales? Just add people.

Meet your PPC team(s)

Most companies we work with were founded on a passion for the industry and a specialist focus for it. This is also true for our PPC team, who found their calling in a role that combines the reliability of maths and numbers with the satisfaction of helping small to medium-sized businesses grow.

Our Helpdesk team

Specialists in… getting serious results with low-to-medium budget Bing and Google Ads campaigns.

Our Managed team

Specialists in… handling premium accounts and managing high budget Bing and Google Ads campaigns.

Our eCom team

Specialists in… delivering bespoke shopping campaigns for eCommerce businesses that want to take their online presence to the next level.

Frequently asked questions about PPC eCommerce

Yes, because you don’t need to be known all over the world for PPC to work, you just need to find the right keywords and searches to target. PPC is actually considered a great investment for young companies, as it can be a great way to build a client base early on.
PPC is used to advertise your company and products/services directly to audiences that you know will be interested. The ultimate aim of these is to increase conversions and return on investment, which this service has a good track record of doing.
As Google reported in 2018, for every $1 spent on PPC, businesses typically earn $2 back on average – which says a lot about the value this provides. It is also easily scalable, so if £5 brings you back £10, then what happens if you put a few zeroes after that five? Obviously, nothing in marketing is a 100% sure bet, but PPC is about as close as it realistically gets.
Google Ads is simply one form of PPC, specifically where you bid on placements at the top of search results on Google. You’ve likely seen these listings before, distinguishable by a small ‘Ad’ symbol, and is PPC by the fact that you pay for each click a user makes on your ad. This means it is a very streamlined approach and you only pay for interested users, which is a far cry from the likes of billboards where you’re paying for everyone in the hope that some of them are interested.
It’s hard to say which is better, so instead, we’ll say that they both serve the same purpose (improving your conversions and profits) but do so in different ways. PPC can provide rapid lead generation and can quickly build up your customer base. SEO, on the other hand, is more of a long-term focus where you build your website and brand awareness so it becomes self-sustainable. Whether you’re a startup or established, this should be the long-term goal of any digital marketing campaign.
The main metric we base success on is ROAS (or, return on ad spend). For an eCommerce website and business, this means we’re always focused on making you more money than you’re spending. To keep track of this, our PPC experts keep a close eye on the likes of Google Analytics/Search Console and Microsoft Advertising for the hard numbers (traffic, conversions, revenue generated, etc). Integration between these and platforms like Shopify or Woo Commerce means we can keep track of your PPC marketing performance to a fine detail.
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