Latest Google Study: 3 reasons to choose Add People for Google Ads management

To measure satisfaction across the top Google Premier Partners, Google recently carried out an ‘AdWords Customer Satisfaction Study’ through the independent market research experts, NetPop. Over a thousand of our AdWords clients were invited to complete a thorough questionnaire, alongside the clients of other AdWords providers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).


  1. ‘TOP 20 STATUS’ in EMEA

If you’d like your Search Ads managed by a premier digital marketing agency, then look no further than Add People. Thousands of brands trust us with their growth and success.

In working closely with small to medium-sized businesses over the years, we approach our work with the same commitment of our clients. We understand the work required to reach your business objectives, and we know how much these goals mean to you. That’s why our Pay Per Click managers are passionate about making the most of your marketing investment.

We were glad to see that Google noticed our efforts. The search engine giant announced that we have now achieved ‘Top 20 status’ amongst agencies across Europe, the Middle East and Africa!


  1. A company that cares

The ‘Google AdWords Customer Satisfaction Study’ is a reminder of our dedication to a core value of ours: Service Excellence.

When asked about Add People’s service and approach, 68% of our clients said they felt valued, and 81% mentioned that we have friendly-approachable staff.

Clients deserve an agency that cares. Our friendly team operates like your business partner. We provide solutions but most of all the attention you need to resolve significant challenges.

Compared to other Google Advertising Partners, our clients were 19% more likely to be satisfied with the support they receive and 35% more likely to continue using AdWords in the future!


  1. The right approach

Not only were we highlighted as being a friendly and approachable company, but Google’s study explicitly stated that “Add People is a ‘Low Spend, High Experience’ partner.” Meaning compared to other agencies, you get your money’s worth. You can spend less with us and still expect excellent service.

This comes as great news to us as we endeavour to provide the best service at affordable monthly costs.

And since we go above and beyond for our brands, it is no wonder Google also reports that “Add People scored 27% higher in overall AdWords satisfaction compared to other Google Premier Partners across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, with a 16% increase in campaign satisfaction.”


It’s always a pleasure to receive such great recognition from Google (we were also crowned with Google’s ‘New Customer Advocacy Award‘. And though the results of the 2018 AdWords survey represent a massive milestone for our company, we are already planning to achieve more. So stay tuned!