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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting seen on Google by audiences that actually convert. For large businesses it is important, but for small businesses it is vital.

97% of people search online to find a local business
92% of searchers pick a business from the first page of local search results
88% of local business searches lead to a call or visit within 24 hours

In fact, organic search drives more traffic to websites than Google ads and social media combined.

That’s why ranking high for searches your audience will use can be so valuable – and SEO is all about getting you to the top.

Let’s get started

After all, when did you last look at page three?

Essentially, search engines like Google show websites that they think are relevant and authoritative; our SEO campaigns will establish both with every action geared towards the very simple goal of driving ROI (return on investment).

A lot of our clients have tried running their SEO for themselves before joining us but found it too time-consuming and complicated. After all, it is constantly changing.

The challenge is, one person alone can’t get your SEO up to scratch – even the most brilliant mind couldn’t do it alone. That’s why we have whole teams of them.

We don’t do jacks of all trades, we do masters of one.

So, when your site needs anything from copywriting to outreach, technical work to digital PR – we have just the right person for you, with experience over thousands of hours across hundreds of clients.

This means we can offer you a truly flexible service; you’re not paying for the designer you don’t need or the social media executive you don’t want.

What you will have is a dedicated account manager to plan and oversee your campaigns together. These are only a phone call or email away, ready to learn about your specific business and goals – and even challenge you when we need a little trust to deliver those big results.

On top of that, we also invest thousands of pounds a month into the latest tools and software. What does this mean for you? We can not only spot opportunities that others can’t but deliver that work even faster once we spot them.

Listen, we get it.

When you’re a small business, it’s easy to ignore things like your online presence because you’re focused on your bottom line above all else. Working with a team of experts, you’ll find that that online presence and bottom line are more connected than you ever thought – let us show you.

How does your website rank?

Our partners

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After making a name for ourselves in Manchester and then the wider SEO industry, it only made sense to partner with some of the other biggest names in the field. These give us a competitive advantage over many other companies you might have looked at.

No, our friends at Google can’t get you ranking at position one as a favour. Having access to exclusive tools and unique insights definitely helps us do it ourselves, though.

We’re proud of our reputation

Featured case study

Baby Boutique see a BOOM in revenue through shopping campaigns with Add People

In January 2020, Baby Boutique made £151.27 from paid ads. By January 2021, with Add People at the helm, they brought in over £16,000 through our bespoke paid advertising campaign. This adds up to a crazy, 11,015% increase in year-on-year revenue through their website.

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11015% year-on-year increase in revenue
27757% year-on-year increase in conversions
£16000+ revenue in one month from paid ads

Overview of service

Ranking highly isn’t as simple as inserting a few keywords into your website and calling it a day. Instead, there are many different services we provide that all support what you can consider the three pillars of a successful website; technical, backlinks and on-page content.

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Rankings that turn into traffic

“Nearly 33% of clicks go to the first ranking page, and the first five listings get over 75% of all clicks.” – Digital Marketing Institute

Traffic that turns into conversations

“A small jump in conversions from 1% to 2% can give your sales and revenue a huge boost.” – Monster Insights

Conversations that turn into repeat customers

“Repeat customers are 52% more likely to convert than new prospects” – Forbes

Repeat customers that turn into reviews

“90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.” – Search Engine Land

Reviews that turn into interest

“88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” – Bright Local

Interest that turns into a brand

“89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values.” – Small Biz Genius

What your campaign will look like

We learn about you

What goals do you have? Who is your target audience? What markets are you strong in, or want to branch out to? No one knows these better than you, so we start by learning everything there is to know.

We audit your site and competitors

Are there any underlying issues with your site? Does it have a link profile that is actually damaging? Could we learn anything from what your competitors are doing? This stage is crucial to strategy and knowing exactly what needs to be done next.

We fine-tune your technical SEO

Does it load quickly enough? Is the internal linking effective? Are your pages cannibalising each other for rankings? Whether it’s a few tweaks or a huge overhaul, we have the team to get you where you need to be.

We build up your content

Do all your products and services have pages dedicated to them? Are they optimised for keywords that drive traffic? Do your blog posts establish you as an authority to search engines and visitors? Our writers know exactly how to provide copy that is engaging, shareable and SEO-friendly.

We design your website for users and search engines

Are your key pages easy to navigate? Does it look like a website people would trust? Do your pages match what your audience wants, not just what looks good? This is all about not just getting your site ranking, but your audience converting.

We establish your authority

Have you got any backlinks from sites in your industry? Are you getting coverage where your target audience gathers? Do directories know you exist? Once your site is looking good, it’s time to build your backlink profile and reputation.

We enter a self-fulfilling cycle, supported by what we know works

The beauty of SEO with Add People is that it’s all about long-term stability. You’ll benefit from the groundwork we establish for years, which can lead to a cycle where your clicks lead to more clicks and links lead to more links.

Your campaign team

You found your success as a small business by finding a specific area and specialising in it. It is this mindset that is behind our team of largely Manchester-based experts who have a skill set designed specifically for whatever it is your website needs.

Account management team

Specialists in: Reporting directly to you, identifying opportunities and planning strategies to capitalise on them.

Content team

Specialists in: Writing content that is keyword optimised, matches user intent and gets coverage.

Digital PR team

Specialists in: Getting your website in front of millions; on huge websites like Forbes and The Independent or in hyper-niche magazines where your target audience lives.

CRO team

Specialists in: Making sure that your website is designed with users in mind, turning traffic into conversions.

Technical team

Specialists in: Keeping your website loading fast, staying online and easy to scan so the search engines never struggle to see our work and rank accordingly.


Does SEO increase sales?

Yes, by bringing in more traffic through keyword optimisation and backlinks, then making sure that the website is designed to turn them into conversions. Outside of that, long-term strategies like establishing you as a thought leader in your industry should lead to steady and consistent growth.

Is SEO important for small businesses?

Incredibly so, which is why we’ve built an SEO agency that is specifically designed for SME’s (small to medium-sized enterprises). Consider that 97% of people search online to find a local business and that 88% of local business searches lead to a call or visit within 24 hours. SEO is about making sure you’re at the top of that page and you’re the one people are contacting.  

Is SEO better than Google Ads?

They serve different purposes. Google Ads is great for quick wins, but SEO is more focused on building a sustainable, long-term business. It even brings in more traffic to sites than Google Ads and social media combined. However, by combining these two, you are likely to see the most success. 

What makes Add People different?

There are many SEO agencies that focus on bringing in huge clients for huge paydays. Not us. We instead found a niche that we could specialise in and have honed our tools, staff and values to create a business that is designed for servicing SME’s. 

Do I need to be based near you?

Not at all! While we always encourage clients to come to the Manchester office themselves to meet their team and discuss business over a cuppa, we work just as well completely online or over the phone. In fact, we have a lot of international clients in places like South Africa and we happily work around their schedule/time zones.

How will I know you can deliver results for my industry?

Because we’ve probably already delivered results in your industry. The truth is, part of our success as a company has come from working with a huge variety of clients in a large number of industries; never building ourselves into one specific client niche outside of small to medium-sized businesses.

How does payment work?

You will pay on a monthly recurring revenue plan, where you pay for the number of hours you need. 

What does your reporting look like and how often is it?

Your dedicated account manager will always be available over the phone or email for a catch-up. We also produce thorough reports about what we’ve been doing and our successes every month.

Get started with Add People

From dog walkers to dentists, and electricians to eCommerce sites, we’ve seen it all. Give us a call and see how our digital marketing experts can help to grow your business online.

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