peter marshall marketing director
Peter Marshall Marketing Director
paul davies technical director
Paul Davies Technical Director
richard poskitt finance director
Richard Poskitt Finance Director
phil mcnulty sales director
Phil McNulty Sales Director
kerry matthewman head of people
Kerry Matthewman Head of People
jade bannerman head of finance
Jade Bannerman Head of Finance
adam shearer head of sales
Adam Shearer Head of Sales
joanne longworth operations manager
Joanne Longworth Operations Manager
laura shearer people advisor
Laura Shearer People Advisor
ashley woehrle reception
Ashley Woehrle Reception and Facilities Coordinator
becky carroll hr assistant
Becky Carroll HR Assistant
yaz mohammed ppc manager
Yaz Mohammed PPC Manager
toby dean head of seo
Toby Dean Head of SEO
rowan todd head of paid search
Rowan Todd Head of Paid Search
David Gavin Head of Digital Growth
David Gavin Head Of Digital Growth
cameron smith ecommerce manager
Cameron Smith eCommerce Manager
calum chipchase marketing manager
Calum Chipchase Marketing Manager
matt rogers head of campaigns
Matt Rogers Head of Campaigns
denis todorov head of technology
Denis Todorov Head of Technology
russell collins training manager
Russell Collins Training Manager
chloe gallacher social media manager
Chloe Gallacher Social Media Manager
mike gavin digital growth specialist
Mike Gavin Digital Growth Specialist
oscar goodwin digital growth specialist
Oscar Goodwin Digital Growth Specialist
hollie booth ecommerce specialist
Hollie Booth eCommerce Specialist
oliver eardley digital growth specialist
Oliver Eardley Digital Growth Specialist
simon thomas digital growth specialist
Simon Thomas Digital Growth Specialist
marcus webber digital growth specialist
Marcus Webber Digital Growth Specialist
lewis delaney sales manager
Lewis Delaney Sales Manager
graeme browne business development manager
Graeme Browne Business Development Manager
chris browne business development manager
Chris Browne Business Development Manager
rachel greenhalgh senior ecommerce technical specialist
Rachel Greenhalgh Senior eCommerce Technical Specialist
mike styring senior managed ppc account manager
Mike Styring Senior Managed PPC Account Manager
jack bird seo content lead
Jack Bird SEO Content Lead
jade mansfield seo content lead
Jade Mansfield SEO Content Lead
caryss sanders digital lead generation specialist
Caryss Sanders Digital Lead Generation Specialist
sam etchells senior digital lead generation specialist
Sam Etchells Senior Digital Lead Generation Technician
rhys walker digital lead generation specialist
Rhys Walker Digital Lead Generation Specialist
ana vega ecommerce technical specialist
Ana Vega eCommerce Technical Specialist
jessica williams ecommerce account manager
Jessica Williams eCommerce Account Manager
jack barton ecommerce account manager
Jack Barton eCommerce Account Manager
stuart cridland senior ecommerce account manager
Stuart Cridland Senior eCommerce Account Manager
jack bates senior ecommerce account manager
Jack Bates Senior eCommerce Account Manager
senior ecommerce account manager
Jason Ospina Senior eCommerce Account Manager