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Optimise and energise your campaigns with our PPC audits.

You shouldn’t just settle for ‘profit = good’, because we can always squeeze more out of your PPC campaigns. Test us. .

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Just having an active PPC campaign isn’t enough. Almost 90% of businesses aren’t optimising theirs on a weekly basis, which means that almost 90% of businesses need someone like Add People.

The truth is that all it can take is a few tweaks to a campaign to really maximise your return on investment. Yes, you might be getting a decent return with your PPC at the moment, but that’s what all of our clients thought when they came on board for an audit.

After working with you to learn about your business, your budget, your audience, we’re consistently able to step in and provide honest feedback that can help you squeeze your adverts for every penny. If you like the results, then you can also come on board for our Managed PPC service where we’ll manage your campaign over months for serious growth.

We work with Mike, not Nike. Try us on for size.

For every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses earn $2 back on average.

With 74% of businesses saying PPC is a huge driver for their business, could you be missing out against the competition? Don’t forget that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors, so read on to find out more about how our PPC Audits work…

Let’s get started

Not happy with your current PPC performance? Curious about whether we could manage your campaigns better? Even if you think things are going well, you might be surprised by the changes we can make.

We work with you and your existing PPC campaign to learn what it is you’re trying to achieve, so we can help you get there either faster or cheaper. Our audit process involves the following:

Quality score check

We’ll make sure your campaign is optimised properly while elevating any low scores you may be getting.

Mobile advertising review

We’ll help you compete on mobiles as well as on desktops, so no matter what device your audience is using – we have you covered. 

Conversion tracking analysis

We can help you track your conversions, producing data that gives us insight into why people are converting and (more importantly), why they aren’t.

Landing page optimisation

We love designing landing pages that turn traffic into conversions once people click through an advert. 

CTR optimisation

We understand human psychology and how a few tweaks in the text of an advert can have a huge impact on its CTR (click through rate). 

Lost money analysis

We can deep dive into your campaign and figure out how much money you’re currently wasting to cut off any money-sinkers before you lose more.

What does our PPC Audit look like?

Give us a call

Call in to book a chat with one of our team members who will answer any questions you may have from the start. Seriously, feel free to quiz us, we know our PPC.

Show us where you're up to

Grant us temporary read-only access to the campaign and one of our experts will show you where you’re wasting budget and underperforming, and where we could help you do better.

Impressed yet?

If you’re keen for us to join you on your marketing journey, we can discuss our services, pricing structures, and answer any questions you might have.

The fun begins...

We will then show you our bite matches our bark by tweaking your campaigns to target audiences that are more likely to be interested with ads that are more likely to convert them.

We're proud of our reputation

Meet your PPC Team(s)

Most companies we work with were founded on a passion for the industry and a specialist focus for it. This is also true for our PPC team, who found their calling in a role that combines the reliability of maths and numbers with the satisfaction of helping small to medium-sized businesses grow.

Our Helpdesk team

Specialists in… getting serious results with low-to-medium budget Bing and Google Ads campaigns.

Our Managed team

Specialists in… handling premium accounts and managing high budget Bing and Google Ads campaigns.

Our eCom team

Specialists in… delivering bespoke shopping campaigns for eCommerce businesses that want to take their online presence to the next level.

Featured case study

Baby Boutique see a BOOM in revenue through shopping campaigns with Add People

In January 2020, Baby Boutique made £151.27 from paid ads. By January 2021, with Add People at the helm, they brought in over £16,000 through our bespoke paid advertising campaign. This adds up to a crazy, 11,015% increase in year-on-year revenue through their website.

View case study

11,015% year-on-year increase in revenue
27,757% year-on-year increase in conversions
£16,000+ revenue in one month from paid ads

PPC Audit FAQ's

Do I need to have an existing PPC campaign?

While this service is for auditing and improving existing PPC campaigns, don’t worry if you don’t have one set up! Our team can also start these from scratch if you’re not familiar, so contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help.

What does PPC stand for?

PPC stands for “pay per click”, which is a form of online advertising where you only pay when your adverts are clicked on. If you compare this to something like a city billboard where thousands of people walk by and ignore it, you only pay when people actually engage.

What is better, SEO or PPC?

Neither one is better than the other, they just provide different benefits. SEO is great for developing a strong foundation for your business with a reliable website and relevant coverage from other businesses. PPC, however, works because you don’t need to have huge brand awareness and can quickly turn around profits as it is more immediate than almost all other forms of marketing. 

I’m already happy with my campaign, do I need an audit?

Do you need an audit? No. Could it benefit you? Definitely. We’re of the mindset that you should never just settle for profit and instead try to squeeze as much out of your business as possible. Even if your campaign is producing good results, we find with most clients that they could just be a few tweaks away from getting serious bang for their buck – or pound, but that doesn’t sound as catchy. 

Get started with Add People

From dog walkers to dentists, and electricians to eCommerce sites, we’ve seen it all. Give us a call and see how our digital marketing experts can help to grow your business online.

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