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News Search Ads vs Display Ads: Know the differences and when to use them

In the complex world of digital marketing, it can be a challenge to determine which ad format is right for your online campaigns. Google Ads have the potential to increase a business’s brand awareness by 80%, so it’s a crucial decision to make – because using the wrong ad format could waste a large amount […]

News Ask An Expert: Local SEO

Looking for ways to grow your local business online? Check out this month’s #AskAnExpert with Known Locally Team Leader, Ella McGuire. She answers Local SEO questions sent in by like-minded local business owners, via our Instagram page.

A decorative image of a young business owner working out SEO costs in the UK.
SEO SEO Costs UK & Pricing Guide

There are 100s of digital marketing companies offering SEO (search engine optimisation) services across the UK, and even some overseas. And while all this choice may seem overwhelming, the industry tends to be dominated by just three types of SEO provider, with similar SEO pricing models. In this article, we’ll explain what these common pricing […]

PPC advertising cost UK
News How much does PPC advertising really cost in the UK?

Do you want more leads for your business? Then it’s likely that you’ve already considered creating a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign. But it can be difficult to know how much it will cost you and in a world where budgets are being squeezed, we can help you make an informed decision for you and your business. […]

News AI in the Workplace Survey – 1 in 3 use AI tools without their boss knowing

With AI on everybody’s minds, we interviewed 2,000 people about their use of AI, how much they trust AI tools and their predictions for AI in the future. As ChatGPT became one of the fastest-growing web applications, reaching 100 million daily users just two months after its launch, people across the world are beginning to […]

Manchester Marketing Summer BBQ winners
News From SEO to Sprints: The Add People Summer BBQ with a Manchester Marketing Twist

We’d forgive you for thinking hosting an outdoor Summer BBQ in Manchester when we’ve had a very wet and stormy summer was a bad idea. But hey, we marketers thrive on defying expectations, just like we challenge algorithms to get the best click-through rates! When the idea of our ‘Add People Summer BBQ’ first came […]

A decorative image of a balance scale, with money on one side and SEO tools on the other.
SEO Is SEO Worth It For Small Businesses?

Yes, SEO is absolutely worth it. In this article, we’ll explain exactly how it is that SEO can bring more customers to your website — and how you can outrank the big brands. The Internet, they say, is the great equaliser. Where even the tiniest of voices share the same platform as the corporate giants.  […]

Addressing ad fatigue in social media advertising
News Addressing ad fatigue in social media advertising

Catching and retaining the attention of potential customers is no small feat. Amidst the flood of content, memes, and status updates, businesses are tasked with creating ads that not only stand out but also foster a lasting connection with their target audience. This is precisely where the concept of ad fatigue becomes vital. Imagine your […]

Manage a Successful PPC Campaign
News How to manage a successful PPC campaign

Are you looking to drive targeted traffic and boost conversions for your business? A well-executed PPC campaign can be the answer. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising is a popular and effective way of improving your brand’s visibility and increasing the number of leads and sales a business receives. These campaigns also increase the traffic to your website […]

News Creating Facebook ads that comply with advertising policies and guidelines

Facebook ads; where billions of eyes are waiting to see what your business has to offer. Crafting the perfect ad that captures attention, drives engagement, and boosts sales is undoubtedly an art, but it’s an art that must be executed with precision and compliance. Facebook has become a marketing powerhouse, offering unparalleled reach and targeting […]

News Using Negative Keywords in Google PPC Campaigns

If you’re a digital marketer or a business owner looking to boost the performance of your Google Ads, then you’re in the right place. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can be a powerful tool to drive targeted traffic to your website, increase brand visibility, and ultimately boost your sales. However, without proper optimization, PPC campaigns can drain […]

GA4 vs Universal Analytics
News Universal Analytics (UA) vs Google Analytics 4 (GA4): Key differences you need to know

For the last 18 months, the switch from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has been big news (and the source of panic for some) for marketers and business owners. On the 1st of July 2023, we said goodbye to UA as GA4 took center stage as the source of our web metrics […]

Cartoon imagery of a computer screen and web documents
News Use Great Copy: Entice New Customers

MERE SECONDS is all you have to capture the interest of your website visitor. A video or amazing image will do some work in keeping your visitor’s attention, but most of it will come down to the text on your landing page. If you check your website statistics, it’s likely that you’ll find that visitors […]

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