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We’re a Manchester-Based PPC Management Company, Designed for SMEs.

With PPC – or ‘pay per click’ – we can get you seen at the top of search results or on your customer’s favourite websites. Even better, you only pay for the users that click on your ads. That’s a lot of money saved.

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74% of businesses say PPC is a huge driver for their business
50% PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors
200% Return on investment. For every $1 spent on Google Ads, companies make an average of $2.

PPC is how small businesses can challenge big corporations.

Picture a billboard. There are probably a few in your home town, with an advert that changes every other month and maybe appeals to 5% of the thousands that see it. With a billboard, you pay to be seen by everyone; regardless of interest, age, occupation, and so on. If you ask us, that’s a lot of wasted money. That’s where our PPC campaigns and display ads come in.

Let’s get started

In the olden days, you’d spend thousands to be seen by thousands – and maybe three people would convert. With our pay per click services, you can target new customers that you know are ready to convert – no wasted time, no wasted budget. Perfect for startups and smaller businesses that aren’t household names yet. 

Our pay per click management services also offer real-time control over your ad spend, ad copy and ad performance. Flexible is a word that often comes to mind with pay per click and it definitely appeals to businesses where trends are key to their sales.

We provide PPC campaigns and management services that will get you seen by the people that matter. You’ll even get your own dedicated account manager, with years of experience in paid search and campaign optimisation, to help you get the most out of our paid search services like Google Ads.

We’re proud of our reputation:

Thinking of growing your business with PPC? Simple. Add people.

Our Partners

After building our reputation with our digital marketing services and PPC campaigns across Manchester, then the industry as a whole, we decided to partner with other businesses that share our ambition. Some of these include:
Google Premier Partner Logo
Facebook Marketing Partner
Amazon Advertising logo

These partnerships provide us with unique insights and exclusive tools from giants like Google and Microsoft Bing, which give us a serious advantage when it comes to delivering online marketing strategies that drive results. At the end of the day, we can only do things like improving your conversion rate or optimising your click campaigns when we have all the data. With these partnerships, we know anything that’s worth knowing.

An overview of our pay per click services:

As a PPC management company, we cover a wide range of ad types and services to suit you. This could include anything from an ad retargeting a buyer at the top of their Google search results, to a pop-up on a YouTube video. If your target audience is there, you should be too. Below, you can find some examples of the services we provide:

Featured case study

Baby Boutique see a BOOM in revenue through eCommerce PPC services with Add People

In January 2020, Baby Boutique made £151.27 from paid ads. By January 2021, with our eCommerce PPC agency experts at the helm, they brought in over £16,000 through our bespoke paid advertising campaign. This adds up to a crazy, 11,015% increase in year-on-year revenue through their website.

View case study

11015% year-on-year increase in revenue
27757% year-on-year increase in conversions
£16000+ revenue in one month from paid ads

What your PPC campaign will look like:

A decorative image, thought to represent the website improvements that a CRO agency can do.
Research and discussions

We learn all about you and your business. What are your goals? Who is your audience? What are your unique selling points, or USPs? Combined with deep research into your industry and competitors, this will all provide a strong foundation for us to start a successful campaign.


Your site needs to allow tracking for Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) to work properly, so if your site lacks this then our PPC specialists will set you up with everything you need to get started.

Landing page creation

Depending on your website, we may want to create a FREE landing page for you using a platform called Unbounce. This will provide users with a focused and optimised, high-quality page to ‘land’ on once they click the ad.

Ad campaign preparation

Next, the fun part. We take in everything we’ve discussed and put together a campaign that we design to target your audience with a product or service we know already they’ll love, all with a budget that you’ll be happy with.

Launch call

Once we have our strategy worked out, we call you up to show you what we’ve prepared. If you love it, we put it live. If you want to make a few tweaks, then we’ll take everything on board and make those changes as quickly as possible!

It goes live

When we’ve reached a campaign that we’re all happy with, we set it out into the wild and put it live. From here, we can start to collect truly valuable data metrics; such as the CPC (click-through rate), the lead generation across different demographics, its performance compared to other digital marketing services like SEO and social media, etc.

Check-ins and optimisation

Once it’s been live for 48 hours, we return to check up on it to see how it’s performing. This stage is key to making sure everything is approved and working fine, then we can slowly make optimisations and tweaks when we see what works and what doesn’t. This means that we’re always going to be paying attention and squeezing every penny out of the campaign that we can.

Tracking and analytics on screen icon

We use a tool called ClickCompanion that automatically alerts us when there’s growth or dips that we should be made aware of, which frees up time to focus on improving the campaign. We then keep you updated with monthly reports or you can call in whenever you like, so you know exactly what’s happening with your business and what our PPC ad management plans are.

Already run PPC ads? Let us optimise them for you.

Let’s get started

Whether PPC makes you say “WTF” or you’ve been running campaigns for years, we can help. Yes, setting up your first Google Ads push with no digital marketing experience can be a little daunting, but we’ve been doing this for literally years. We’ll be more than happy to set you up and lead you through it all, and if you’re not interested in being that hands-on? Then just leave it to us and we’ll update you at a rate that suits you. 

A lot of businesses, whether they’re eCommerce or lead gen-focused, actually approach us with an existing campaign. Maybe they gave it a shot themselves or found someone in the pub that would do it for mates rates. After all, pay per click advertising is all about spending money to make money – but why shouldn’t that return on investment be as large as possible? The truth is that we can almost always make a little tweak to your demographics or an adjustment to your keyword research approach and get a lot more out of what you’re putting in.

Meet your pay per click team(s)

Most companies we work with were founded on a passion for their respective industry. This is also true for our paid search team, who found their calling in a role that combines the reliability of maths and numbers with the satisfaction of helping small to medium-sized businesses grow.

Our Lead Generation Team

Specialists in… getting serious results with low to medium-budget Bing and Google Ads campaigns.

Our Lead Generation Plus Team

Specialists in… handling premium accounts and managing high-budget Bing and Google Ads campaigns.

Our eCom team

Specialists in… delivering bespoke shopping campaigns and ad copy for eCommerce businesses that want to take their online presence to the next level.

Frequently asked questions about PPC

Does PPC advertising work for small businesses?

Yes, because you don’t need to be known all over the world for PPC to work, you just need to find the right keywords and searches to target. PPC is actually considered a great investment for young companies, as it can be a great way to build a client base early on.

What is PPC used for?

PPC is used to advertise your company and products/services directly to audiences that you know will be interested. The ultimate aim of these is to increase conversions and return on investment, which this service has a good track record of doing.

How effective are PPC campaigns?

As Google reported in 2018, for every $1 spent on pay per click marketing, businesses typically earn $2 back on average – which says a lot about the value this provides. It is also easily scalable, so if £5 brings you back £10, then what happens if you put a few zeroes after that five? Obviously, nothing in marketing is a 100% sure bet, but PPC is about as close as it realistically gets.

We also find that another form of search marketing called remarketing is incredibly helpful in targeting people in your target audience that have previously shown interest in your business but never converted for one reason or another. If you’re interested, this is something our campaign management team will happily explain and onboard you with if you like what you hear.

What is the difference between PPC and Google Ads?

Google Ads is simply one form of PPC, specifically where you bid on placements at the top of search results and rankings on Google. You’ve likely seen these listings before, distinguishable by a small ‘Ad’ symbol, and is PPC by the fact that you pay for each click a user makes on your ad. 

This means it is a very streamlined approach and you only pay for interested users, which is a far cry from the likes of billboards where you’re paying for everyone in the hope that some of them are interested. If you’re not interested in that search engine, we can focus your PPC strategy so it gets you seen almost anywhere. Do you think there’s a large portion of your audience waiting to be tapped into on social media platforms? Then we can help you get on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook; if it helps you make money, we can help you do it. 

What is better, SEO or PPC?

It’s hard to say which is better, so instead, we’ll say that they both serve the same purpose (improving your conversions and profits) but do so in different ways. PPC can provide immediate wins and can quickly build up your potential customer base. SEO (which stands for search engine optimisation), on the other hand, is more of a long-term focus where you build your website and brand so it becomes self-sustainable.

While this means you might get to the point where you don’t need PPC anymore, we find that never actually happens and the most successful businesses combine the two, along with the likes of social media advertising and other online advertising types. Luckily, if you want to take that step, as a cutting-edge digital marketing agency we can help you with all of that and more!

What is a quality score?

This is a rating Google uses to decide the relevance and quality of the ad to the searches you want it to appear for. Our PPC management services include the creation and optimisation of these, so we can increase the quality score of your landing pages to decrease the ad spend cost per lead coming through. In terms of your wider digital strategy, content marketing can also help improve your score. 

Can an eCommerce PPC agency help my lead-gen business?

Yes, absolutely. We work with both eCommerce and lead gen-focused clients, delivering great results for both. Even if your business wouldn’t benefit from Google Shopping Ads, we’d simply tweak your digital marketing strategy to suit your business goals. We firmly believe that our PPC experts can deliver successful campaigns for any company, whether you have a global presence with Shopify or you’re running the operation out of your bedroom.

How much do I need to know about Google Shopping and Adwords?

If it helps, you can think of us as pay per click consultants as much as an agency. Your dedicated account manager will be there to help you with any questions you have, and we can teach you everything you need to know. However, if you’re happy to just let us work our magic, then the truth is you don’t need to know everything for us to run a successful PPC campaign.

Can these marketing campaigns help with my startup's brand awareness?

PPC is actually an incredibly cost-effective way of getting your business in front of thousands (upon thousands) of people. Even if users don’t click on the ads we provide, you can still imprint your brand on them with essentially free coverage on the websites they use. While this wouldn’t be the main reason we suggest a business start PPC marketing with us, it is a nice additional benefit.

Looking for something else?

If this doesn’t sound like the marketing service for you, then don’t worry. We have plenty more to offer small to medium-sized businesses like yourself.

👉 Need to tap into audiences of millions and develop your brand? Look no further than our social media team! 

👉 Does your website need a facelift to look, run and convert better? Lean on our decades of site development and design experience! 

👉 Struggling to draw visitors and conversions with your website? Our SEO services are fine-tuned for you!

👉 Are people not buying what your eCom business is selling? Let our eCommerce team help!

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