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1. General PPC Stats

Before we get into specific areas of PPC stats, let's cover some general stats that will give you a good understanding of the service.
  • 5. Mobile devices, even excluding tablets, generated about half of all website traffic globally


2. Small Business PPC Stats

To a small business PPC advertising can have a huge impact on their revenue. When combined with other marketing strategies like SEO, the results can snowball. Here are some stats which explore the impact and popularity of PPC.
  • 9. The average annual PPC spend of small to medium-sized businesses is between £90k/$108k and £101k/$120k.
  • 11. A website is the most effective digital marketing strategy, according to 92% of small business owners.

3. Google Ad Spending in UK/US Stats

Google is one of the largest players in advertising history, and the ad spending involved only supports that idea. Billions of pounds and dollars have been invested - and earned - over the last few years. Let's take a closer look.
  • 12. By the end of 2022, ad spending with search advertising is projected to reach £219 billion/$260 billion.
  • 14. If that projected ad spend increase is met, the market value of the search advertising segment will reach £367 billion/$435 billion by 2027.
  • 16. In 2021, search advertising spending increased by £8.37 billion compared to the year prior within the United Kingdom.

4. Social Media PPC Stats

Many people wonder how platforms like Twitter and Facebook can be free to use, but still generate so much money. Ads are the answer, and PPC means people can target those social media users with laser precision.
  • 22. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are the most influential places for shopping inspiration, according to 37% of online users.
  • 24. Twitter PPC ads were used by 27% of B2B advertisers in the last 12 months 

5. Amazon PPC Stats

It's wild to think that less than two decades ago, Amazon was only known for selling books. Now, anything and everything is available on the platform. What better place to provide pay per click ads?
  • 27. Based on a survey in 2019, 89% of people said they were more likely to buy products from Amazon over other competitors
  • 29. The Amazon app is used by 98 million people in the US a month, making it the second-most popular app used for shopping


6. PPC User Stats

We've learned about the platforms and companies, but what about the users themselves? The stats below should give you a good understanding of the 'who'.
  • 34. 60% of purchase-related searches on Google are looking for inspiration and to narrow down their ideas
  • 38. 50% of internet users cannot tell the difference between organic search results and paid ads

7. Google's PPC Domination Stats

While there are many search engines and advertising companies like Google, none quite operate on the same scale.
  • 39. Of internet users aged between 15 and 25, 81% of them use YouTube
  • 40. In 2021, Google was responsible for more than 85 percent of global desktop search traffic
  • 43. Google has invested over $47 billion in its tech infastructure over the last three years

8. Add People PPC Case Study Stats

To prove to you PPC works, below you can find some stats we've pulled from our own campaigns!

How Add People can help with PPC in Manchester and beyond!

Add People have been helping businesses with their PPC campaigns for years now. Regardless of your niche, regardless of your budget, we find it a point of pride to try and grow any small to medium-sized business that comes to us for help.

We learn about the businesses we work with, so we make sure we’re doing the right kind of advertising for them – every company is unique, after all. That means that if a Google Shopping ads campaign is the right call for you, we have the people for you. Would working with an Amazon Advertising agency be best for your targets? There aren’t many teams around better than ours.

Yes, our office is based in Altrincham, Manchester – but that doesn’t mean we’re limited to the North West! We work with clients all over the world, from South Africa to North America. The only thing that matters is that you’re looking to grow.

Whether you’re sold on pay per click advertising already or still have a few questions to ask, please contact us below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Here’s to your future.

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