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Imagine a billboard where everyone that passes is interested

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This form of PPC  is all about promoting your products or services with visual adverts on websites we know your target audience visit. We can build your brand while pushing for sales on platforms from YouTube and Amazon, to the most niche websites in your industry. If your audience is there, you should be too. 

Is your business known all over the world? Are your products an iconic part of your industry? Does your team get stopped on the street for autographs? 

If not, then display advertising is right for you. No, it won’t make your brand a global icon – but with a proper display advertising campaign, you won’t need to.

Why display advertising works

The great part is that half of our job is already done; they’ll only see our adverts if we know they’re interested. We don’t need to spend a third of our time and half our budget on selling people on your company because they’ll probably be sold on you already. This is made possible by the Google Display Network, which monitors user behaviours so we can pinpoint the exact users that we think would be interested.  

In a way, we can piggyback off the work that other websites do to build their audience and brand. Your site doesn’t need to have thousands of visitors, because we can get you placed on sites that have tens of thousands.

Another benefit of online display advertising is that we can closely monitor the success of the ads. If one isn’t getting engagement, then we can quickly change the ad to get the most from the budget. 



90% Google’s Display Ad Network reaches 90% of global internet users.
80% Online advertisements can increase brand awareness by up to 80%.
84% of marketers are currently investing in display ads.

How we’ll deliver your campaign

Advert creation

We use images from your website, images provided by you, or stock images to create ‘display ads’ which can be shown on over 2,000,000 websites, and reach 90% of worldwide internet users.

Audience definitions

We research audiences, interest groups, keywords, and demographics that can be used to reach your ideal customers. This means that we can deliver ads to people that are much more likely to be interested, saving you plenty of money in the process.

Tracking and analytics on screen icon
Campaign creation

We create a display campaign in line with your goals, which is the result of all our research, experience and discussions with you about your business.

Monitoring and optimisation

Along with your other campaigns, we will include this display campaign in your monthly reporting, discussing how the ads are performing, which audiences work best, and more.

Digital marketing tailor-made for SMEs like you.

Meet your PPC team(s)

Most companies we work with were founded on a passion for the industry and a specialist focus for it. This is also true for our PPC team, who found their calling in a role that combines the reliability of maths and numbers with the satisfaction of helping small to medium-sized businesses grow.

Helpdesk team

Specialists in: getting serious results with low-to-medium budget Bing and Google Ads campaigns.

Managed team

Specialists in: handling premium accounts and managing high budget Bing and Google Ads campaigns.

eCom team

Specialists in: delivering bespoke shopping campaigns for eCommerce businesses that want to take their online presence to the next level.

We're proud of our reputation

Featured case studies

Baby Boutique see a BOOM in revenue through shopping campaigns with Add People

In January 2020, Baby Boutique made £151.27 from paid ads. By January 2021, with Add People at the helm, they brought in over £16,000 through our bespoke paid advertising campaign. This adds up to a crazy, 11,015% increase in year-on-year revenue through their website.

View case study

11,015% year-on-year increase in revenue
27,757% year-on-year increase in conversions
£16,000+ revenue in one month from paid ads

Frequently asked questions about display advertising

How does display advertising work?

Display advertising uses highly targeted visual ads to push people towards a certain product, service or brand. These may be text, images or videos and upon clicking will likely take the user through to a landing page, which the website will design to encourage conversions as much as possible.

What are display ad examples?

There are banner ads, which normally appear across the top of a webpage. Rich media adverts are interactive and have clickable elements, like fields or buttons. There are also interstitial ads, which appear before the page that the user initially requested, so you have to see that before getting where you want to be.

Is Google AdWords the same as Google Ads?

Yes, Google AdWords has simply been rebranded as Google Ads. It is still the same platform and the hub of Google’s online advertising system. 

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