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Calculated, reliable and consistent; that’s Twitter Marketing with Add People

It’s not just about shareable cat memes; get great returns with Twitter Advertising.

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From a marketers perspective, there aren’t many social networks that are more valuable than Twitter. With almost 200 million daily users, a cutting-edge ad management system and hyper-detailed user insights, Twitter is a service that you need to be leveraging as a business. 

Simply having an account isn’t enough, which is the mistake many small to medium-sized businesses make. Yes, uploading pictures and sharing headlines makes you look active, but there’s so much more to Twitter. When used properly, you can instantly find users that fit your exact description of ‘target audience’ and serve them an expertly-designed advert that scratches the itch we know they have.

Whether you’ve been using Twitter as a fan or a business for years, Add People want to change your perception of it from ‘something to do while the kettle boils’ to ‘something that can energise your business’. Between the passion and experience that every member of our team brings to the table, we’re confident we can help.

Why Twitter works for small to medium-sized businesses

One of Twitter’s best features is the detailed audience insights it provides. With it, we can apply filter after filter to target people that meet a very specific description and save you a lot of time and money in the long run. How? Picture a billboard in a city centre, advertising a company that builds conservatories onto houses.

Let’s assume 100,000 people pass that billboard every week, how many are interested in a conservatory to begin with? How many own their home and can build on it? How many are too busy looking at Twitter to even see the billboard?

At the end of it all, maybe 5% of the people that walk past the billboard are interested – yet you’d still be paying for 100% of the footfall the billboard gets. By using Twitter’s user insight and targeting abilities, we can skip the people that have absolutely no interest in the product or service on offer and talk straight to the people that are ready to convert. That takes you from the 5% interest rate of the theoretical billboard to a percentage much closer to 100 – are you starting to see why we love Twitter? 

27% Twitter ad engagement has increased by 27% (Hootsuite)
40% of users reported purchasing something after seeing it on Twitter. (Oberlo)
67% of all B2B businesses use Twitter as a marketing tool. (Oberlo)

What you get from Twitter advertising with us

Did you know? There are over 192 million daily Twitter users. That’s a lot of people for you to target. (Oberlo)

Let’s get started

Let’s take a closer look at what we can offer businesses that are interested in Twitter marketing:

  • A dedicated account manager

When you join Add People, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager that will be side-by-side with you on this journey. These will learn everything there is to know about your business, users and business targets so every decision made is in line with what you want from your business.  

  • Ads that convert (and look good!)

From Promoted Tweets and Videos to Pre-Roll ads, Sponsorships and Takeovers – there’s a lot to learn about Twitter. Luckily, our team members have been using it for years (casually and professionally) and can create ads that take advantage of what makes the platform so special.

  • A constant focus on returns

Anyone can post on a Twitter account. Not everyone can make money from a Twitter account, though. By researching and strategising weeks ahead of time, we can build plans that are designed to increase traffic and conversions. This focus on a return on investment is what we think sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies. 

  • Content creation and community management

Consistency is key when it comes to posting content on social media, and we’re here to help you with it. Whether you want us to write the posts ourselves or just give you some guidance on what works best, we can take care of what is sometimes the most stressful part of Twitter.

  • Growth on Twitter (and off it!)

We won’t just aim to grow you on Twitter. By building your brand, we’ll be encouraging people to go to your website and even other social media channels. That means that, even if you just pay for Twitter advertising with us, you could still get trickle-down growth on other platforms!  

  • Retargeting on Twitter

If you’ve ever seen an advert for a website you visited a few days ago but never actually bought anything from, then you already know the value of retargeting. We can re-capture these loose ends that slipped through your fingers and nudge them back to your website, where they can finish the conversion they didn’t complete the first time. 

  • Instant actions

Remember how adverts used to work in magazines, where you’d have to call up to find out more – and probably wait on hold for minutes until you do? Well, with Twitter adverts people can instantly click and interact with what you’re advertising. If you’re an eCommerce business, this is invaluable.

  • Optimisation and reporting

Twitter is changing all the time and you need a team that knows about every change when it happens. So, whether there are some tweaks we can make to a campaign that saves you money, or a new system available that we think is a perfect fit for you, you’re going to be on the cutting edge of Twitter. With our thorough reporting process, you’ll always be kept in the know about how your company is doing, too. 

From plumbers to dance schools, we help all kinds of SMEs tap into digital marketing.

How we’ll deliver your campaign

We’ll learn everything about you

Every business is different, which is why your dedicated account manager will sit down with you to discuss what makes you and your company unique, along with where you want it to go next.

A decorative image, thought to represent the website improvements that a CRO agency can do.
We’ll research everything else

Once we’ve learned everything about you and your company, we’ll look outside the box. Where are your customers spending their time? What are your competitors doing with theirs? The more we learn, the better your campaigns will be.

We’ll put together a plan

We’ll take everything we learned from the first two steps and put together a strategy targeting users that we know will be interested in what we have to say, with an expertly crafted advert that is bound to grab their attention.

The fun part… we’ll put it live

This is what it’s all built up to. We’ll set the campaign and advert bids live, then closely watch it in its early days to make sure it’s all going smoothly – it normally does, but better safe than sorry!

We’ll measure and optimise

Our work doesn’t stop once it goes live. We’ll keep watching the campaigns and spotting any opportunities for improvements. Remember, just because it does well on day one doesn’t mean it will still be performing on day fifty, so we’ll always have our finger on the pulse.

Tracking and analytics on screen icon
We’ll report back to you

You’ll always be kept informed with the wins (and losses!) from your campaigns, whether that’s over the phone or over email once a month, or less often if you’re happy for us to just get on with it. 

We’re proud of our reputation

Meet the team

There are now 45 million social media users within the UK. Can you afford to be missing out on that many eyes?

Our Social Media experts here at Add People can support the growth of your brand across numerous platforms to ensure your catching user’s attention in the feed. With our Facebook Marketing Partner and Hootsuite Advanced Social Media Strategy statuses, your business is in the right hands.

Account Management

Experts in providing insights and key strategies to grow a business and take to the next level.


Experts in writing thought provoking headlines, telling stories about a service or product to entice users with clever puns or witty taglines.


Experts in creating visual concepts which communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate customers.


Experts in building campaigns, tracking results and monitoring metrics

Featured case study

The Hairpin Leg Company found their perfect audience through Facebook advertising their niche products!

In just 4 months, The Hairpin Leg Company saw their sales accumulate 480 deals from only the targeted Facebook ads. This resulted in an average Return On Ad Spend of a huge 1,270%.

Let’s get started

90% increase in revenue
1,270% return on ad spend
23% conversion rate

Frequently asked questions about Twitter marketing

How much does advertising on Twitter cost?

There is no minimum spend required and you have complete control over the campaign spending, which we know is important for the small to medium-sized businesses we work with. There are too many variables for us to give you an exact price here, though.

Instead, we’d love you to call up our team and have a chat with them about your business and target audience. Once we know about what you’re building, we can give you a better quote for the money you’d look at spending.

My business isn’t ‘hip’ or ‘exciting’ - can it still benefit from social media?

Yes, 100%. Social media might feel like it’s just for young people sometimes, but that simply isn’t the case. According to Data Reportal, there are 4.33 billion social media users around the world today. That’s a lot of young, old and in between people that are on these platforms which means it’s where your business needs to be, too.

I’ve been managing my own social media for years, do I need an agency?

You can put a ready meal in the microwave, do you need a home-cooked roast dinner? You can look at pictures of the Spanish coast on your phone, do you need to visit it yourself? Yes, technically you can continue managing your social media accounts yourself, but it could be better. It could be with Add People.

Which social media platform is best for my business?

Without knowing what your business is, it’s hard to say that one platform is better than another. That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand everything from their products to their audience to help them choose which is best suited for them. Call up our team and find out what we think first-hand!

Get started with Add People

From dog walkers to dentists, and electricians to eCommerce sites, we’ve seen it all. Give us a call and see how our digital marketing experts can help to grow your business online.

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