Social media management; building revenue by building your brand

If you’re a small to medium-sized business that doesn’t know if social media is ‘right for them’, then you’re exactly the kind of company we want to work with. The truth is, there is so much value in social media marketing and no matter what you do, there’s a platform around that is a good fit for you and your audience.

53% of users say they made a purchase they first saw on Twitter (Twitter)
71% of people that had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to friends and family (Hubspot)
90% of people buy from brands they follow on social media (Sprout Social)

Attract new customers where millions spend their spare time.

Let’s get started

Think about it like this. Imagine that your business sells sporty clothing. Well, everyone wears clothes, so should you advertise to everyone? You could, but you might be wasting a lot of money targeting people that have no interest in that style.

Now, imagine if there was a way to target people that specifically like your style of clothing already, so you’re not using resources on people that won’t care. We can do that, by simply finding people that follow a designer that loves sporty clothes or often tweet about them and then showing them an advert for our social media accounts or branding. Sounds good, right?

Well, we can go even deeper. If you have a new sale on women’s clothing in your Manchester branch, then you could specifically target women that live in Manchester. Whether it’s a service you provide in person or products you can ship all over the world, there isn’t a single industry that shouldn’t be utilising social media. 

With our social media team, we can help you do the two main things that businesses should be setting up a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram online presence for: advertise and grow. 

All without forgetting the real reason you have social media accounts set up for your business, which is to:

  • Build your brand
  • Reach your audience
  • Increase your revenue

Let’s take a deeper look at how we can do that for you and the success we’ve found with other small to medium-sized businesses…

From dog walkers to dentists, we help all businesses great and small to grow with digital marketing.

Overview of our Social Media services

We offer several different social media packages for small to medium-sized businesses, so look below and click on the product you’re most interested in to find out more!

We help businesses thrive on the following platforms...

Turning users into customers with ads and PPC.

Let’s get started

We can help you get targeted advertisements on social media, which is home to literally billions of people. That’s a lot of potential customers. By using insightful data which they provide, we can also pinpoint the kind of people that we know will be interested in your services and products.

This means that we can save all of the time and money that would traditionally be spent trying to convince people to be interested in what you provide and simply spend it on getting them to buy from you. They’re already near the end of the marketing funnel, essentially standing with their bank card in hand. We just need to catch them before they slip through our fingers. What does that involve from us?

What our Social Media services look like...

A dedicated account manager

Businesses that come to Add People for social media ad management are provided with their own account manager that will learn their business, audience and targets inside and out. This means that every decision is made with your business in mind. 

Expert-level ad creation

Our team is experienced with both copywriting and graphic creation, so we can create adverts that will grab the attention of whoever sees them.

An audience of millions to tap into

Facebook alone has two billion monthly users and we don’t care how niche your business is, there’s bound to be a lot of customers in a crowd that big. With the insights different platforms provide us with, we can easily identify your target audience and then serve ads directly to them.  


Ever seen an advert for a website you were on just the other day? Remarketing is all about targeting the people that previously visited your website but never actually converted. This is incredibly effective and can improve ad engagement by up to 400%!

Access to the latest tools and service

We spend thousands of pounds a year on the best tools and software which your campaign will have access to, giving you a huge step up on your competition.

Frequent tweaks and optimisation

The world of advertising on social media is always changing. Whether it’s new auctions popping up that are better value for our bids, new regulations that we need to consider or entirely new platforms that are worth targeting on; we’re always paying attention because you have to when you want to thrive here.  


Performance tracking and reporting

We’ll consistently report to you with our performance, using our wins (and losses!) to build better strategies going forwards; when you’re always learning, you’re always improving.

Peace of mind

One look at our Trustpilot reviews will show you that we genuinely care about the businesses we work with. A lot of agencies have the same tools we do, but few have the heart. This means that you can trust us to consistently go the extra mile in delivering campaigns for you and the decades of experience between the team mean that there are no issues they haven’t encountered before. So, you’re in safe hands. 


We’re proud of our reputation

Building your brand on social media with content and community management.

We will manage the social media accounts for your business, creating content and interacting with the community in a way that will build your presence and get you in front of the people that matter. We’re even happy to build them from scratch if you haven’t got any set up yet, which is something we’ve done for plenty of businesses. 

For a better idea of what we do for our clients on a week-to-week business, read on and ask yourself if this is what your business is missing at the moment. 

Let’s get started

A dedicated account manager

Whether you choose to get social media management or ad campaigns with us, you’ll get your own account manager that will come to learn your business like the back of their hand.

Consistent content creation

We can create posts, animations, videos, graphic designs and more for your business that really establish you as a forward-thinking, professional business. When there are still millions of businesses that don’t use social media properly, this can be a really effective way to get yourself ahead of your competition; especially when you have a team of trained designers at your disposal.

Interaction and community management

If your business only talks to itself, people aren’t going to be that interested in what you have to say. That is exactly why we will be interacting with your audience and other businesses to build a reputation for your brand.

Traffic driven to websites

Social media is an excellent way to organically send traffic to your website, which is where your revenue will be made whether they’re buying directly from there or contacting you after reading about your services on there.

Return customers are created

When you’re shopping, you’ll always have your favourite brands that you return to every week. Social media is a great way to make yourself someone’s favourite brand and establish yourself as someone worth returning for. Remember, 90% of people buy from brands they follow on social media.

Storytelling that creates interest

There are always interesting stories behind the businesses we interact with and these can sometimes be one of the main factors for interacting with them. For example, if your story is that of a small, family-run business that’s building a life for themselves, there’s a good chance people will prefer buying from you than a faceless mega-corporation. We help you tell that story.

Featured case study

The Hairpin Leg Company found their perfect audience through Facebook advertising their niche products!

In just 4 months, The Hairpin Leg Company saw their sales accumulate 480 deals from only the targeted Facebook ads. This resulted in an average Return On Ad Spend of a huge 1,270%.

View case study

90% increase in revenue
1,270% return on ad spend
23% conversion rate

Meet the team

Our Social Media experts here at Add People can support the growth of your brand across numerous platforms to ensure your catching user’s attention in the feed. With our Facebook Marketing Partner and Hootsuite Advanced Social Media Strategy statuses, your business is in the right hands.

Account Management

Experts in providing insights and key strategies to grow a business and take them to the next level.


Experts in writing thought-provoking headlines, telling stories about a service or product to entice users with clever puns or witty taglines.


Experts in creating visual concepts which communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate customers.


Experts in building campaigns, tracking results and monitoring metrics.

Frequently asked questions about social media management

My business isn’t ‘hip’ or ‘exciting’ - can it still benefit from social media?

Yes, 100%. Social media might feel like it’s just for young people sometimes, but that simply isn’t the case. According to Data Reportal, there are 4.33 billion social media users around the world today. That’s a lot of young, old and in between people that are on these platforms which means it’s where your business needs to be, too. 

I’ve been managing my own social media for years, do I need an agency?

You can put a ready meal in the microwave, do you need a home-cooked roast dinner? You can look at pictures of the Spanish coast on your phone, do you need to visit it yourself? Yes, technically you can continue managing your social media accounts yourself, but it could be better. It could be with Add People.

Which social media platform is best for my business?

Without knowing what your business is, it’s hard to say that one platform is better than another. That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand everything from their products to their audience to help them choose which is best suited for them. Call up our team and find out what we think first-hand!

How often will you post?

While it will typically change from client to client and industry to industry, we will always strive to achieve the right balance of organically connecting with your audience and also selling them on your products and services. Too much of the former could mean they never convert and too much of the latter would get them sick of you. Finding that balance can be difficult, but that’s exactly what our team is trained at doing.