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How do I know which social media platform to advertise on?

“This really depends on your target market.

For example, on Pinterest, users tend to look for more high-end goods or inspirational posts – like Home Decor.

Whereas on Facebook, there tends to be less of a consideration period – impulse buying is much more frequent.

So if you’re selling lower-priced goods, then Facebook could be more suitable for you.

The good thing about Facebook is that it has a huge amount of users scrolling, and with ads, you have the ability to push your products in front of them when they are engaged.

If you can capture their attention here and stop the scroll, then you could really capitalise on their impulse to buy.”

I've tried using Facebook Ads in the past (unsuccessfully) - what advice can you give?

“When running Facebook Ads, it’s very important to consider your entire marketing funnel.”

Put simply, you want to be running ad campaigns that target people who’ve never heard of you before, as well as running campaigns that are targeting those people who are ready to buy from you.

Also, it’s critical that your ads are visually engaging and capture the attention of users scrolling on Facebook.

There is a lot of content being consumed very quickly, so making your ads stand out is vital.”

I hardly use social media for my business, will ads still work for me?

“Ads can run on any business account, regardless of how established they are on that particular platform.

However, we definitely recommend that you post on your social media channels when running ads.

It adds so much credibility to your brand if potential customers can see that you’re an active business, through your social media content.

For example, if you were researching a business on Facebook and they had no content on their page, would you trust making a purchase from them?

Posting on your channels is key for not only engaging your audience but acting as a digital store front for your business.”


How much do I need to spend on Facebook Ads to be successful?

“There’s no hard and fast rule for this.

More budget isn’t always the answer here.

But we recommend an ideal daily budget of £20 minimum.

The key thing to remember is that the audience is most important.

There is no point in spending more money, only to show to people who aren’t relevant to your business.

If you’re targeting the right people, then your budget can go a long way!”

Should my business be using TikTok?

“This totally depends on your business.

If your target market is the older generation, then TikTok is probably not worth it.

However, TikTok is growing rapidly and its potential for reaching new audiences organically is huge.

If you have content you wish to share on TikTok that is relevant to your audience, then you should go for it!”

I struggle to think of ideas for posting on social media - any tips?

“If you’re struggling to think of content, a good place to start would be looking at what your competitors are doing.

This could spark inspiration and also open up opportunities to start doing things that they are missing – giving you a competitive edge!

Also, keep an eye on any key dates in the calendar – are there any that match up well with your products or services?

If so, you could create content based on these occasions.

AnswerThePublic is a great FREE tool to use to find out what people are searching for and what is trending around related topics to your business.

Don’t be afraid to fail with posting content, the more you post consistently, the more you’ll start to see what engages your audience most.”

How often should I be posting? Why should I bother?

“It can vary for different platforms, however, you don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too much content.

We recommend a minimum of 1-3 posts per week.

It’s important to be consistent with your posting, so that your audience comes to expect to see your content and it keeps them engaged with your brand.

Remember to think of your social channels as a digital storefront…

It’s important to show that you are active, so that new customers discovering you for the first time, instantly have trust in your business.

Don’t put all your eggs into paid advertising.”

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