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What is Digital PR?

“Digital PR is the process of building links and generating coverage for businesses in news publications.

This can include national news outlets like The Times and the Express, or more industry-focused news sites.

Some recent examples we’ve worked on include Dogs Today, Grocery Gazette and Planning, Building & Construction Today.

Traditional PR is all about selling the story of your business and Digital PR takes inspiration from this but with a much bigger focus on SEO. 

The main process is to create content and share it with journalists to be published.

We use a variety of strategies to earn links for our clients. Digital PR requires an understanding of the news landscape and the ability to create great content that the general public is going to respond to.

Some of the strategies we use include:

  • Expert comments
  • Data-driven content
  • Product PR
  • Reactive PR

The strategies we choose depend on the type of business, what’s happening in the news right now and what we know about the industry.

Would Digital PR work for small businesses?

“We’ve seen great results in Digital PR for the small and medium-sized businesses we work with.

Links are one of the most important ranking factors Google uses to analyse your site and Digital PR is the best way to build high-quality and relevant links, at scale.

This is true for businesses of all sizes so if you want to compete at the top level, Digital PR for small businesses is one of the best ways to build good links on the regular.

The benefit of Digital PR is that we can use tactics that larger businesses with much bigger marketing budgets use, and get the same results on major news sites!”

How does Digital PR get me more business?

“Direct links to your site from authoritative and relevant sites can contribute to higher rankings – which means more organic customers!

It improves awareness of your brand, positions you as an expert in your field and places your business in front of potential customers on sites they’re actually reading online.

This means that when they’re looking for the services you provide, your site will be the one they think of!”

How can I get my business into national publications?

“We follow an extensive ideation process with each of our customers, to come up with outreach campaigns aimed at national publications.

We spend our time researching your business landscape and understanding what stories are attractive to journalists, so that, no matter the size of your business, we can catch their attention and get you featured on their pages.”

How would Digital PR benefit my business?

“Digital PR has a variety of benefits…

Improved organic traffic, the opportunity for targeted traffic to your website, improved brand awareness and even local coverage that gets your brand recognised in your local area.

The specific SEO benefits are around keyword rankings and organic traffic. Having more links from high-quality and trustworthy websites means you’re more likely to rank highly for keywords relevant to your business.

We use Digital PR for lead generation and eCommerce businesses…

While the strategies are sometimes different, our team of experts are able to tailor our approach to your business for the best results.

How long do you have to do Digital PR before you see results?

“As with many other SEO strategies, the impacts of Digital PR are best seen after several months.

We use multiple strategies to generate coverage for your business to ensure consistent and sustained ranking traffic improvement.

On the other hand, we do run fast-paced, reactive campaigns that can lead to an instant uptick in traffic, but this is just one of many strategies we use to get the most benefits from our efforts.

When measuring Digital PR success, the number of links is the most tangible and instant marker of success, but all links are made differently.

For example, a link from an industry-specific publication could put your brand in front of your main audience and lead to improved sales or direct traffic. But a link from the BBC is more likely to impact your rankings than a link from a blog with 100 monthly visitors.

We aim to build a variety of links using different campaigns to ensure that there are more examples of success than just the number of links we’ve earned.

Our campaigns include target publications which we identify as beneficial for your industry and relevant to your target audience, as well as target keywords to show progress over several months as a result of our link-building efforts.

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