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Conversion Rate Optimisation that makes traffic matter more through site design

Are you getting far more traffic than conversions? CRO could be the missing link to make those users convert

Let’s get started

A lot of our work is focused on getting users to your website. However, our job doesn’t just end when they get there. We need to make sure that the site is easy to navigate, quick to load and appealing to look at. By ticking these boxes and more, we can improve your conversion rate, which is the percentage of visitors that convert while on your website. 

This is where Conversion Rate Optimisation, or CRO, comes in. 

CRO is the process of combining quality design with insightful data to produce a website that turns traffic into conversions and clicks into actual revenue.

Between competitor research, user behaviour insights, smart design, the latest tools and our passionate team of CRO experts, we’re more than capable of either starting a site from scratch or tweaking what you’ve got. Like all things at Add People, the end objective is to improve your conversions and return on investment with us – and few of our services are as effective at doing that as CRO.

Why our clients love CRO

This is a popular service because it’s rooted in data and evidence, which makes it a reliable option for improving your revenue. On top of the more geeky things which CRO can help improve like your site structure or speed, it also often leads to a site makeover.

When your business is your pride and joy, having an attractive website is really important. That’s why our CRO team works hard to produce pages that will grab the attention of your audience while balancing that with a search engine-friendly approach which will help get your website seen in the first place. 

Our strategies will often tick a lot of boxes along the way, too. For example, you can expect that CRO will…

  • Help you understand your audience better
  • Build your authority as a brand
  • Optimise your site for all platforms
  • Improve your organic search performance
  • Decrease the cost of each customer acquisition
  • Reduce website risks by providing rich insights
  • …among many other benefits! 

It’s safe to say that CRO can encompass a lot about your business, from the website people interact with it through, to the brand image they associate it with.

7% A 1-second delay when loading a page can reduce conversions by 7%. (KissMetrics)
87% of consumers say that a ‘complicated’ checkout process will make them abandon their purchase. (Facebook)
55% increase in leads when a company increases their number of landing pages from 10 to 15. (Hubspot)

What Conversion Rate Optimisation involves

So, let’s skip ahead a little and assume that you’ve joined us for a CRO campaign. What may that involve?

Let’s get started

  • Complete page redesigns

While we dig into the details below this section, a lot of our work is about optimising your pages for both the user and search engines. From your home and checkout pages to the product and landing pages, nothing is safe from the careful eyes of our SEO team who will identify anything that may be losing you visitors and revenue. 

  • Heat maps

These provide us with a look at how users behave on your website; where they click, where they hover, where they’re drawn to and away from. This insight can be used to finely tune your site so that the user’s attention is pulled exactly where we want it to be. 

  • Checkout process overhaul

With the insights provided by tools like heat maps and Google Analytics, along with our own intuition as experienced designers, we can easily identify roadblocks and speed bumps at this final stage. Remember, we can’t celebrate when they put a product in the basket, only when they finally pull the trigger and confirm the purchase. You might be surprised by how many people drop off between those two stages!  

  • Mobile optimisation

As of 2021, 56% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices. That’s a lot of users that are likely visiting your website on their phone, and we’ve all been on websites that aren’t optimised for them; images are cut off, the text goes on forever and it’s impossible to know where to click. That is exactly why we focus so much on designing sites and user experiences for mobile phones.

  • CRO reports

These are part of our reporting process and will break down everything you need to know about your site in terms of CRO, all while avoiding the technical mumbo jumbo (as much as we can!) so you understand what we’re doing with your website. 

  • Mockups

Just like how an artist sketches out their art before adding the ink or paint, we create mockups before making any actual changes so we know exactly what we’re doing and where we’re going. These will give you a solid idea of what your site may look like once the work is finished and means that our CRO team can experiment as much as they want beforehand so when they set the changes live, they can be confident that it’s the best your website can look. 

  • A/B testing

Also known as split testing, this is a process where you have two variants of the same page live and different segments of users are shown them at the same time. We can then look at the user behaviour data and conversion rates to decide which performed better, then set the winner as the live page! 

Digital marketing tailor-made for SMEs like you.

A deep dive into the pages we optimise:

Optimising a home page

A homepage usually has the most traffic and links pointing to it. The home page is meant to be an information-based page, which is where many websites get it wrong. They push all their products on the home page and therefore miss a lot of the supporting information users need at this early stage of the process. 

What about the design? A beautiful homepage does not guarantee impressive services and solutions. A homepage needs to be clean first, beautiful later.

Optimising (and defining) a landing page

The definition of a landing page: This is a web page that has been created primarily to capture leads for one specific product or service. These are often standalone and are laser-focused on conversions, often stripped of distractions that other pages may have. 

While each CRO project is bespoke to the client, industry and type of user, we know from experience what features of landing pages continue to work well over and over again. The purpose of a landing page is to convert, which is why you need to get these pages right.

Optimising a product page

Product pages are usually the final step before a user decides to add to their basket or not. The product page must meet the user’s needs so that they can confidently make an informed decision. If not, you might find them wandering to different parts of the website for more information (a sign we’re not giving enough on the product pages) or they will exit.

Optimising a checkout page

There are many ways we can optimise the checkout page depending on the client, such as exit pop-ups, cart abandonment and email marketing. The main goal throughout the whole checkout process is for it to look and feel credible/trustworthy. You can do this by displaying trust badges, card logos and security seals.

We’re proud of our reputation

Meet your SEO team(s)

You found your success as a small business by finding a specific area and specialising in it. It’s this mindset that’s behind our team of largely Manchester-based experts who have a skill set designed specifically for whatever it is your website needs.

Account Management team

Specialists in: reporting directly to you, identifying opportunities and planning strategies to capitalise on them.

Content team

Specialists in: writing content that is keyword optimised, matches user intent and gets coverage.

Digital PR team

Specialists in: getting your website in front of millions; on huge websites like Forbes and The Independent or in hyper-niche magazines where your target audience lives.

CRO team

Specialists in: making sure that your website is designed with users in mind, turning traffic into conversions.

Technical team

Specialists in: keeping your website loading fast, staying online and easy to scan so the search engines never struggle to see our work and rank accordingly.

Featured case study

SEO services deliver dazzling 158% boost in organic traffic

As a market leader in the medical and aesthetics industry, organic growth has been key to Venn Healthcare’s success; particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic – which has seen an incredible year-on-year growth despite a global market turndown.

View case study

158% Increase in organic traffic
284% Increase in impressions
87% Increase in organic traffic value

Frequently asked questions about CRO

How do I optimise my website for conversions?

There are many things you can do to optimise your website for conversions, but the most basic suggestion we’d make is approach your site as if you were a new user who has an interest in your products/service but isn’t entirely ready to convert with you yet. Then, you can see if the structure/pathways of the site make sense, if the search function works properly, if the buying process is clear enough and so on. This can highlight some key issues that need work, which an agency like ours can help you fix. 

How do you calculate conversion rate?

You can calculate your conversion rate by dividing the number of conversions by the number of visitors for the same page and time period, then turning that number into a percentage. For example, if a product page had 100 conversions from 1,000 interactions, the conversion rate would be 10%. 

Does it take a while to see results from CRO?

We might want weeks or months to properly gauge the success of a campaign, but the changes that are made to the site often appear instantly once put live. This means that we can quickly start measuring how people are interacting with the new pages and design, which will hopefully lead to more conversions. 

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