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Our International SEO services deliver results, no matter where you’re based

The barriers that used to stop people from buying outside their country are being demolished one by one; pick up a hammer and join us.

Let’s get started

Just because we’re based in Manchester doesn’t mean you have to be. We’ve been building the rankings and presence of businesses all over the world for years, from South Africa to America. By getting our clients to rank higher for relevant searches, we can get them in front of the users that are actively searching for their products and services through link building, tech work, audits and much more. 

International SEO is all about optimising and organising your website so that it is flexible enough to adapt and work for the country the user is viewing your website in. Things such as language, country-specific internet regulations and location-based keywords all need to be considered, which our team does for plenty of existing clients as we speak. 

It doesn’t matter where you are, just where your audience is – and the figures say they’re probably on Google. 

Why our International SEO service works

We can reliably deliver results because our SEO team are so passionate about the industry, which is needed when it changes so frequently – one of the main factors why businesses that try to run their own SEO campaigns so often struggle to see results. This is also true for international SEO where elements like the viability of international content, regional changes to search engines or local market research need to be considered more than ever.  

However, no matter where you are, search engines like Google consider the following two elements as major ranking factors: relevancy and authority

We know exactly how to make websites an authority on, and relevant to, the searches they want to rank for – you being based outside of the UK doesn’t change that. By using the techniques and strategies that we’ve proven to work over many years in plenty of industries, we can get you ranking ahead of competitors while building you as a thought leader in your niche. All of this will be through a concentrated effort involving content creation, technical SEO, link building, digital PR and much more. For more information on that…

87% of major purchases start with searches online.
14.6% Leads from search engines have a 14.6% close rate, compared to 1.7% of cold calls and direct mail.
76% of people who search for a local business visit within 24 hours.

How we get you ranking for searches that convert in your area

SEO used to be so simple. However, over the years search engines like Google have made it more and more difficult to rank well for popular terms. That’s why our team has spent thousands of hours learning the craft and applying that to hundreds of clients across more industries than you can name.

Let’s get started


In doing so, we’re confident in saying that we can help you target whatever location it is that you want to. Below is a breakdown of what this might involve: 

  • Keyword research

By combining our SEO experience with tools that we spend tens of thousands a year on, we can get detailed insights on the searches your audiences are making and what keyword we should focus on. This means that our efforts are always aligned with what people are actually looking for. 

  • Content marketing

Content marketing is a staple of SEO for a lot of our clients and this involves setting up a blog on the website, where we then write about relevant topics that establish us as a thought leader in whatever industry you’re in. 

  • Link building

To assist the content marketing efforts, we also perform link building which involves us reaching out to relevant websites to get coverage from them in return for the content we create. This is a great way to get your site seen and, as links are a key ranking factor for search engines, it can also help you rank higher for the searches your audiences are making.  

  • Audits

Even if you think your site looks good, there are often a lot of factors under the hood that can damage your website without you realising. That’s why we often perform SEO audits on websites to uncover opportunities for improvements to things like site speed and structure, which we can then address with our tech team.

  • Local SEO optimisation

For companies where your local area is key to your business, local SEO and Google My Business will be essential for you. Failing to cover these could mean that you’re missing out on business that’s right on your doorstep, and often just a few tweaks to your online presence could be all you need to capture them. 

  • Digital PR

Digital PR is similar to link building in that its main focus is getting you seen by thousands and linked to by companies that can really impress Google and get you ranking higher for keywords we identify as important. However, where link building may involve targeting niche websites, digital PR is focused on getting you covered on huge websites like The Telegraph or The Guardian – to name just two that have covered our clients’ thanks to our work. 

  • On-site copy and technical work

Commercial copy is a must-have and if your service or product/category pages aren’t optimised then you could be missing out on thousands in revenue. That’s where we come in. We’re well skilled in writing pages that are designed for search engines as well as humans. This means we rank high enough for people to see the page in search results and then ensures they don’t just bounce off once they arrive.

Digital marketing is simple. If you want to grow, add people.

How we’ll deliver your campaign

We learn about you

What goals do you have? Who is your target audience? What markets are you strong in, or want to branch out to? No one knows these better than you, so we start by learning everything there is to know. 

We audit your site and competitors

Are there any underlying issues with your site? Does it have a link profile that is actually damaging? Could we learn anything from what your competitors are doing? This stage is crucial to strategy and knowing exactly what needs to be done next.

We fine-tune your technical SEO

Does it load quickly enough? Is the internal linking effective? Are your pages cannibalising each other for rankings? Whether it’s a few tweaks or a huge overhaul, we have the team to get you where you need to be.

We build up your content

Do all your products and services have pages dedicated to them? Are they optimised for keywords that drive traffic? Do your blog posts establish you as an authority to search engines and visitors? Our writers know exactly how to provide copy that is engaging, shareable and SEO-friendly.

We design your website for users and search engines

Are your key pages easy to navigate? Does it look like a website people would trust? Do your pages match what your audience wants, not just what looks good? This is all about not just getting your site ranking, but your audience converting.

We establish your authority

Have you got any backlinks from sites in your industry? Are you getting coverage where your target audience gathers? Do directories know you exist? Once your site is looking good, it’s time to build your backlink profile and reputation. 

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We enter a self-fulfilling cycle, supported by what we now know works

The beauty of SEO with Add People is that it’s all about long-term stability. You’ll benefit from the groundwork we establish for years, which can lead to a cycle where your clicks lead to more clicks and links lead to more links.

We’re proud of our reputation

Meet your SEO team(s)

You found your success as a small business by finding a specific area and specialising in it. It’s this mindset that’s behind our team of largely Manchester-based experts who have a skill set designed specifically for whatever it is your website needs.

Account Management team

Specialists in: reporting directly to you, identifying opportunities and planning strategies to capitalise on them.

Content team

Specialists in: writing content that is keyword optimised, matches user intent and gets coverage.

Digital PR team

Specialists in: getting your website in front of millions; on huge websites like Forbes and The Independent or in hyper-niche magazines where your target audience lives.

CRO team

Specialists in: making sure that your website is designed with users in mind, turning traffic into conversions.

Technical team

Specialists in: keeping your website loading fast, staying online and easy to scan so the search engines never struggle to see our work and rank accordingly.

Featured case study

SEO services deliver dazzling 158% boost in organic traffic

As a market leader in the medical and aesthetics industry, organic growth has been key to Venn Healthcare’s success; particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic – which has seen an incredible year-on-year growth despite a global market turndown.

View case study

158% Increase in organic traffic
284% Increase in impressions
87% Increase in organic traffic value

Frequently asked questions about International SEO

How do I know if I should consider international SEO?

If you can provide your services for, or sell your products to, international audiences then this is the option for you. We could even help you set up your online stores so you could target people in different countries. However, if you’re a business that only services and sells in your immediate area, then a focus on international SEO isn’t necessary and you’re better off just working on being known locally.

Do I need to optimise for other countries that speak the same language?

While the content we provide might not need to be changed drastically like it would if it was for a different language, there are small considerations we still need to make. For example, a term may get 800 searches a month in one country, but then 150 searches in another. In this case, we may want to identify a different keyword to target that has more searches for us to capitalise on. This is just one example of many that prove that you still need to make changes even if the different country you want to target speaks your language. 

Can you easily research keyword data for other countries?

Yes, due to the tools we use like Ahrefs we can easily see search volumes for different countries and get great insight into the unique trends and changes for each location.

How would link building work if we’re in a different country?

Link building is still effective, no matter your location. We conduct link building campaigns based in the country you want to target, as coverage for them would be seen as more relevant. In places like South Africa, we actually see that local links have a tremendous impact on SEO, compared to local links in other countries.

Is Google the main search engine in every continent?

According to research from Search Decoder, Google is comfortably the most used search engine for the largest countries around, although there are two exceptions. For China, Baidu is the most popular option and for Russia, it‘s Yandex (source). 

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