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Prime Day 2024: How to Prepare as a Seller

Prime Day 2024, Amazon’s annual shopping extravaganza, promises unparalleled sales opportunities for sellers. To maximise your success, start preparing early. 

Here are key strategies:

Optimise Listings: Ensure your product titles, descriptions, and images are clear and enticing.

Stock Up: Anticipate high demand and maintain ample inventory to avoid stockouts.

Promotions: Plan special discounts and lightning deals to attract more buyers.

Advertise: Invest in Amazon PPC campaigns to boost visibility.

Customer Service: Be ready to handle increased inquiries promptly to maintain high seller ratings.

By implementing these steps, you’ll be well-prepared to capitalise on the Prime Day surge and boost your sales significantly.

Email Campaigns


Email campaigns are sent out to the entirety of your opted-in email audience, or specific segments that you have created (past purchasers, bought in past 30 days etc).

Email campaigns offer your business a multitude of benefits. Firstly, they facilitate targeted communication, allowing you to reach your audience directly with personalised content, fostering engagement and loyalty.

Through visually appealing emails, you can showcase your products or services, driving traffic and boosting sales. Whether this is new additions, fresh sale items or all time favourites.

Campaigns allow you valuable insights into customer behaviour metrics such as open rates and conversions, so you can always refine strategies for optimal performance ongoing.

As with a lot of email marketing, campaigns are cost-effective, offering a high return on investment compared to traditional marketing channels. 

To learn more about emails campaigns read here, or talk to your account manager

Fathers Day


Father’s Day might not be the biggest holiday of the year but it’s always a time consumers are looking to make a purchase. In this post, Fordeer run down some of their top ideas to get ready for the big day to make sure you can capitalise on it!

From boosting sales by promoting tailored products to aligning with seasonal trends and fostering emotional connections with brand-centric campaigns, there are numerous ways you can stand out. 

Engaging activities such as social media contests not only enhance brand visibility but also encourage active participation from customers. Showcasing a diverse range of products appeals to varied preferences, broadening the customer base and increasing conversions. Targeted promotions drive foot traffic to physical stores and boost online sales, maximizing revenue opportunities. 

Have a more detailed look into the potential of Father’s Day here.

Pride Month

As Pride Month approaches, if you’re looking to promote to this audience 2024 is showing it’s crucial for your brand to develop authentic marketing strategies that genuinely resonate with the LGBTQIA+ community. Simply adding a rainbow flag to your logo isn’t enough; authenticity and solidarity are key. 

Insincere acts can alienate your audience, as the LGBTQIA+ community is highly attuned to genuine support due to ongoing exposure to hate crimes and speech.

Successful Pride Month campaigns center on making meaningful connections and showing true support. This involves creating campaigns that make the LGBTQIA+ community feel valued and supported. You’re in the right place to learn how to craft such campaigns effectively.

Explore in more detail here.


As summer approaches, business’s have a golden opportunity to boost sales and engage customers. With increased consumer activity during this season, it’s crucial to revamp seasonal marketing strategies. 

There’s a wealth of things you can do to get ready for summer and Gelato run through some of their top picks below. Suggestions include mail marketing and loyalty programs tailored for summer which can optimise customer retention and acquisition. Local retail businesses can capitalise on summer foot traffic with in-store sales, while everyone can look to change their messaging slightly to add a summer theme to your product and keep it relevant in the warmer months

Have a deeper dive here.

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