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Trending search terms, what’s expected as we head into it 

Spring has officially sprung, with lighter nights and warmer days, this brings new trends whilst we shop. 

You should expect to see a rise in businesses using AI within their marketing models as we move into the Spring and Summer months, particularly using AR tools to try products before they buy.

Small businesses should be emphasising the premium of having human interaction with your customers as well as embracing AI over the coming months. 

Home – We are seeing a rise in the search terms regarding “arm chair” as people are looking to add a pop of colour to their living rooms with accent chairs.  

Beauty – ‘Bold Beauty’ is the focus for Spring 2024, moving away from natural glam, instead choosing brighter, bolder colours in our make-up looks. Customers are opting towards bright pinks, vivid reds and deep purples! 

Fashion & Footwear – We are seeing a move away from jumpers & coats, moving towards lighter layers and most importantly, brighter colours in our wardrobes to build that capsule closet! Nike has continued to be the top footwear brand moving into 2024, with customers opting for style & comfort. “Mary Jane Flats” has been the most searched style over this time.

Want to find out what products trendsetters are recommending, read more here!


Email benefit 2024: Did you know? 

On average, for every $1 spent on email marketing, marketers make $36! 

Yes, you heard it right! Email marketing reigns supreme for one compelling reason: its unparalleled return on investment (ROI), surpassing plenty of other marketing strategies. But that’s not all… In sectors like Retail, eCommerce, and Consumer Goods, the ROI can soar even higher, hitting an impressive 45:1 ratio. 

You can read the full survey and results of the Litmus study here

You can also weight up the averages between other key marketing strategies from our email partner Omnisend themselves!

Quick guide to mastering the Amazon Buy Box in 2024

2024 Buy Box overview:

The Buy Box’s role in e-commerce is more critical than ever due to changing consumer habits and heightened competition.

Winning the Buy Box now means ensuring your business’s visibility and survival, not just boosting sales.

Strategies for success:

Winning the Buy Box involves:

  • Fulfillment: Leveraging Amazon’s FBA or SFP for reliability and control.
  • Pricing: Offering compelling value beyond just low prices, including attractive shipping and delivery options.
  • Performance: Maintaining stellar seller metrics, like low defect rates and positive feedback, to stand out.

The Price Myth:

The lowest price doesn’t guarantee you the Buy Box.

Amazon values overall customer experience, including reliable shopping and consistent inventory, over mere affordability.

Busting Buy Box Myths:

  • Lowest price wins: Amazon’s algorithm considers more than just price.
  • Sales volume guarantees: High sales don’t ensure Buy Box success without strong performance metrics.
  • Set & Forget strategies: The Buy Box demands ongoing optimisation due to Amazon’s ever-changing algorithms.

Stay ahead:

Keeping up with Buy Box dynamics is vital for thriving on Amazon

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