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Add People is partnering with a brand new marketplace called ChaChing!

ChaChing is a new app-based marketplace for ecommerce businesses to showcase their products.

Their mission is to dramatically reduce the costs of advertising for retailers and help consumers save on purchases.

It works by offering the customer the CPA you pay so both you and your customers win!

They are new to the market but have backing from big names you will start to see across the press soon. 

Want to find out more? Visit their website.

“We’re thrilled to spotlight our dynamic partnership with Add People, a pioneering force on the ChaChing tech platform. As early adopters, they’re actively shaping an innovative proposition that benefits new e-commerce businesses, merchants, and customers alike. Together, we’re redefining the landscape of digital commerce, offering Add People partners the opportunity to utilise a low-risk solution. Merchants can choose their own fixed ROAS goals, ensuring no ad-wastage and providing a strategic edge in the evolving market. Now the app is live, we’re excited to get started!”

Adam Wilmshurst, Growth Lead at Chaching


International Women’s Day 2024!

This International Women’s Day we are celebrating the amazing women-owned businesses we have the privilege of collaborating with, including The Crafty Black Dog.

From humble beginnings to the grand opening of their physical shop, we highlight their amazing journey fuelled by our expert Ecommerce team.

Read the full case study.

Founder, Clare Hearl says 

“So grateful to be living out my dream as a female British Army Veteran, small business owner! Through hard work, determination, and a sprinkle of passion, I’m able to create something truly special for the Military community. Thank you for supporting local and believing in the power of independent businesses. Let’s continue to grow together!”

Why use seasonal campaigns in ads?

Seasonal campaigns streamline diverse product promotions for various occasions, reducing the learning curve associated with new campaigns.

Effective for both performance max and standard shopping, these campaigns involve tailored assets and ad groups for events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

By strategically timing asset activation and analysing sales slowdowns, you can optimise revenue, target specific audiences, and enhance conversion rates.

Click here for more information.

Amazon Prime Day!

In 2023 Amazon Prime Days fell on 11th-12th July and 10th-11th October and saw record-breaking sales of $12.9 billion.

Prime Days are the biggest shopping days of the year for Amazon and Prime Day 2024 is set to break records again.

How to get prepared for Amazon Prime 2024

Start now!

The Red Sea Crisis Impacts On Retail

The Red Sea attacks are having an impact across the retail industry affecting supply chains as the reroute can add up to 14 days, increasing wait times for retailers and resulting in higher expenses.

Read more here to find out what businesses can do to minimise delays and availability issues.

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