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Digital Marketing For Mobility Companies

Ever felt like you should be getting more out of the digital marketing for your mobility and healthcare business? This page looks at how you can do exactly that.


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How digital marketing can help healthcare and mobility companies

We know what it’s like running a mobility business – we’ve worked with enough over the years, after all. You want to grow, but you’re too busy making and/or selling the products to focus on that growth. You shouldn’t have to choose between the two.

This page takes you through everything you need to know when it comes to marketing your mobility solution business online, along with how Add People can help. These are some of the topics we’re going to focus on in this page:

Here are some results we've achieved in the mobility aid industry

So you have an idea of the wins you can get (and the wins we have gotten for businesses like yours), we wanted to share the results from one of our clients: Mobility Solutions Direct.

As you can see, we were able to generate huge growth and ROI for them by working on their on & off-site SEO, alongside a focused ad campaign. You can find even more of our case studies and success stories here.

Get case study-worthy results with AP!

136% increase in total sales over six months.
400+ increase in total keywords they rank for over six months.
163% increase in website users over twelve months.

Common marketing problems you might face (and how we fix them!)

"My target audience aren't comfortable using technology."

While mobility aids like wheelchairs, walking sticks and so on aren’t strictly reserved for the elderly, they will definitely make up a large portion of your audience.

That means you need to provide a website that even technophobes can use. There are many ways to do this, including adding easy-to-use call functions and accessibility options so all less-able and disabled people can use it without struggle.

"I'm getting traffic, but they're not converting."

With typically high-cost products in this industry (an electric wheelchair may cost the user over £2,000), it’s important that your content answers all the questions the user has and removes any barriers they may face.

To do this, you should be providing both blog and commercial content that addresses all parts of the conversion funnel: awareness, consideration, decision, and conversion.

"If we miss a phone call, we never rescue the lead."

People in this target audience typically prefer to call, as opposed to filling out an online form. As a result, you might miss a few calls, which means a few leads too.

So, we help businesses like yours add fail-safe measures to try and capture all leads. This could include a proper WhatsApp messaging infrastructure so you can catch all leads without needing to be on your phone all day.

SEO For Mobility Companies

We’ll take you through everything from explaining Search Engine Optimisation, to how it can help businesses like yours.

What is SEO?

SEO, or ‘search engine optimization’, is all about improving a website’s visibility on search engines like Google – and it is absolutely essential for online businesses.

For example, you might have searched “digital marketing for wheelchair company” and found this page. That’s because we’ve used SEO to make sure that we appear highly for that term, just like you can for “bathing aids” or “walking stick”.

How do we do search engine optimisation, then? There’s a lot of work involved, but to break it into four clear areas, we:

  • • Create content that helps users find your website and convert when they’re there, from blog posts to product pages
  • • Improve the design and user experience of your website
  • • Get coverage for your brand and backlinks for your website
  • • Improve the behind-the-scenes technical elements so the website runs smoothly

You can learn more about how we operate as an SEO company by clicking that link, or read on!


How can SEO help a mobility businesses?

Everyone searches for products and services using Google. Like we said, it’s probably how you found this page! In fact, organic search and referral traffic are the largest and most effective sources of marketing ROI for brands – according to Semrush.

That means you need to make sure you appear highly when your potential customers are searching for the products you provide. If not, you could be leaving a lot of revenue on the table.

To illustrate that, let’s look at a random product you might sell.

People search for “folding mobility scooter” approximately 5,200 times a month. If you were to rank position one for that, Ahrefs (an invaluable SEO tool we use) estimates you’d receive around 4,500 visitors per month.

If you run pay-per-click ads for that search, it would cost you over £2 per click. However, if you ranked organically for it, you could be getting over 4,500 clicks basically for free; that’s almost £10,000 worth of website traffic a month.

A good page never ranks for just one keyword, either. In fact, the page currently at position one for “folding mobility scooter” ranks for 466 other keywords.

That’s a lot of value coming in every month – and there are hundreds of thousands of other searches being made for the products you’re selling. Why let your competitors take all the business? 


Let’s discuss your potential for SEO!

Five key benefits of SEO for you:

There are many, but we’ll mention the ones that particularly benefit our clients who sell wheelchairs, bathroom aids, mobility scooters and so on. 

  • 👁️ Organic reach: Because SEO is organic, it means you don’t need to pay for each click like you would if it was a PPC ad – more on those shortly!
  • 💪 Compete with giants: With a well-designed strategy, you can find the wins that the household brands aren’t getting. With your own dedicated account manager, we can deliver a truly bespoke campaign that suits your business and your budget so we can try and claim those consistently.




  • 🚀 Grow your brand: Good SEO content is helpful content, so customers tend to warm up to brands that are well-optimised. That means return customers!
  • 🔎 Get major coverage: Our digital PR team frequently get businesses like yours featured in places like The Telegraph, Ideal Home, Daily Mirror and more!
  • ✔️ Futureproof your business: SEO isn’t a trend or just ‘in-season’, it’s the foundation of many companies and a good campaign can build a business for generations.

PPC For Mobility Companies

Do you want to learn more about PPC, or “pay per click ads” as you may have heard it? We’ve got you covered!

What is PPC?

Whether you’re getting PPC or SEO, the overall goal is the same: deliver more people to your website. More people = more conversions. However, how these two methods get that traffic is a little different.

PPC, which stands for ‘pay per click’, is when you buy adverts on the internet and target your users where you know they are – and you only pay when they click. You do this by ‘bidding’ on ads through systems like Google Ads or Amazon Ads.

You may have been seeing these ads for years without even realising; at the top of Google, the sponsored products on Amazon, or the adverts on social media that seem like they were designed for you and you only.

That feeling of personalisation is what makes it so effective, and is why the ROI is so high. That’s exactly why 74% of businesses say PPC is a huge driver for their business, and 64% are planning to increase their PPC budget in the next 12 months (Source: Brainlabs).


Why is PPC for mobility solution companies so valuable?

For the same reason it’s valuable for any eCommerce business that sells online: precision.

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, you can’t afford to throw money around on marketing that doesn’t get results. You want data and as-close-to-guarantees as you can get, not “Let’s put this on a billboard and hope someone sees it.”

With the highly advanced analytics available to us, we can figure out exactly who your audience is – from their age and occupation to their interests and gender – and advertise to them directly. We can design an ad that is shown to them on websites they visit, referencing a product we know they’ve searched for before.

Most of marketing is about convincing people they need a product or service. With PPC, we can basically save the effort and target people when we know they’re ready to convert.

It’s a far cry from more old-school marketing. Let’s go back to the billboard. Normally, you might spend tens of thousands on an advertising board that 5% of the footfall is interested in. That’s a lot of money wasted.

Instead, with PPC, we design adverts that we know will speak to (and get seen by) your audience, removing almost all of the guesswork that marketers struggled with in the past. That takes that 5% interest level much closer to 100%.

That’s exactly why eCommerce PPC management is one of our most popular services among small to medium-sized businesses.


Speak to our PPC team to see how they can help!

Five key benefits of PPC for you:

Most businesses can benefit from pay-per-click advertising, but what about those that sell mobility and disability products like yours? Let’s take a closer look:

  • 👁️ Immediate visibility: Almost as soon as you turn the ads on, you’ll be able to see them live. This means you can generate business and sales right from the start. 
  • 💰 Budget control: You have total and real-time control over the money you’re putting into the ads; you can pull them at will, quickly promote a new sale or adapt to market changes.


  • 🚦 Targeted traffic: With the data available, we can target people that we know are interested, based on the searches they make – right when they’re ready to convert. A lot of marketing is about convincing a demographic that they want what you’re selling, but with PPC, we know they’re already interested! 
  • ⭐ Brand exposure: Even if users don’t click on an ad, seeing your business name and offering can increase brand awareness and recall. Over time, this can increase trust, recognition and – most importantly – sales.
  • 📈 Competitive advantage: Our team have been trained to find ads and bids that maximise engagement while minimising spend. Oftentimes, big agencies are too busy to target the smaller keywords with great ROI, and that’s where SMEs can move in and take them!

Why businesses like yours work so well with Add People.

Well, it’s because we work with Mike, not Nike.

This means that we’ve built products & services that work for small to medium-sized businesses, where your return on investment always matters. We know what’s important to you, and that makes it important to us. What are some other reasons companies like working with us?

  Many products offer a dedicated account manager

  We spend thousands on the best quality tools, so you don’t have to 

✓  Over 20 years of experience growing businesses like yours

✓  We understand the pressures of being an SME

Click here if you’re a small business that wants to make it big.

A look at how our welcome process works

While the exact details might change depending on which team you work with, this is what the process typically looks like!

1) Fill in the form below or click here.

2) Within 48 hours, our team will be in touch.

3) We’ll discuss what works best for you and our growth strategy. 

4) If you’re happy with our plans, we sign on the dotted line.

5) Finally, for the fun part – we deliver the work!

It all starts by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to be based in Manchester or England to work with you?

Absolutely not. While we love it when clients pop in for a cup of tea to discuss strategy, we also have many clients abroad; from as close as Ireland, to as far as South Africa and America. Digital marketing is all online, so our communications can be all online too. Even if our timezones don’t match up, we’re happy to pull a few late days to make sure we can speak to you. 

What makes Add People different?

There are many digital marketing agencies that focus on bringing in household clients for huge paydays. Not us. We instead found our calling in helping SMEs grow, and have honed our tools, staff and values around that. 

When we’ve been thanked by a client because our campaigns mean they can send their child to university, the idea of helping a multi-billion pound company make a few extra quid loses some of its appeal. We want to help small businesses, family businesses, businesses with over 50 heads that still feel like a family business; it’s what drives our team.

What does that mean for you? You get a streamlined service that is designed to maximise your value for money, along with a team that is driven by getting results for its clients. 

Do you also do mobile marketing for healthcare and mobility aids companies?

Technically, almost everything we do is still ‘mobile marketing’ as our SEO efforts impact phone results the same way they do desktop PC results. The same is true for PPC, with only minimal changes between the phone, tablet and computer experience. The biggest thing to consider is mobile site design, where your website has to be displayed and formatted differently due to the phone’s reduced size. Fortunately, this is something our UX and Design teams are well-trained in.

How does payment work?

For most products, you will pay monthly for the number of hours you need and the ad budget you require. The benefit of a large digital marketing agency like ours is that, even if you just sign up for PPC initially, you can easily add SEO to your package if you’re interested (or vice versa).

My supply chain for products like wheelchairs, stair lifts and walkers are inconsistent - will that be a problem?

It can be if you’re not managing your stock online correctly. For example, and forgive us for getting a little technical, many eCommerce websites will no-index their out-of-stock pages. This is basically the act of telling Google to forget about the page.

However, when you get that product back in stock, whether it’s an expensive mobility scooter or a simple walking stick, its chance of ranking highly quickly will be diminished because it was no-indexed. Our team know exactly what to do to make sure that your store isn’t impacted by inconsistent product flow.

What does your reporting look like and how often is it?

Depending on what service you go with, you’ll typically get updates over the phone and email once a month, with contact in between as often as you like.

We’ll discuss how our marketing efforts are going; the wins, the losses (transparency is important to us) then we look ahead at what’s next. It’s all delivered in a way that isn’t meant to confuse you. What we’re doing is complicated, yes, but our customer service team are trained in making the complex sound approachable. We’re the marketing experts, you shouldn’t need to be.

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