5 Essential Skills to Succeed at Add People – Apprentice edition! #NAW

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, our Ecommerce apprentice, Rowan, will be sharing daily blog posts to reveal what it’s like day-to-day as an apprentice at Add People!


Working at Add People offers a range of opportunities & challenges. The root of these opportunities comes from competitive nature of the business & digital industry.

From my experience at Add People, I have compiled 5 Essential Skills which are guaranteed to help you exceed within the workplace:

1) Effective Communication – By far the most important skill to succeed at Add People is to have excellent communication skills. Being able to influence, empower, listen & understand others is a shortcut for success. You will connect with more people & expand your network which will offer a world of advice to help you in any situation.

2) Work Ethic – Work ethic is a set of values based on the ideals of discipline and hard work. Demonstrating these values shows passion within your field to your employer. It will also allow you to grasp the fundamentals of your role much quicker to accelerate your career path!

3) Innovate – At Add People, we encourage the active improvement of our operations, processes & services. Whether it reduces the time taken to complete a task, or working to build an entirely new service for our clients, we set the environment for you to innovate with us & offer various rewards & benefits for doing so!

4) Enthusiasm – This is crucial, especially for those who have not worked in the industry before. Being enthusiastic allows for a motivated & positive outlook on your career. It will power you to learn new skills and connect with others.

5) Tech Skills – The digital marketing industry has a wide array of tools available which you will become to use throughout your day to day life. Taking time to become familiar which the tools in your role: Excel, Photoshop, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, will allow you to excel right from the get go! It is also important to remember that having skills in all the tools is not essential. I say this as exceptional training is offered from the start. More importantly, the following four skills will allow you to learn the required tech skills effectively.