Barbershop recruiting trainee hairdressers received a flood of applicants in only 2 weeks through Facebook Ads

Through creative adverts which well represented the brand aesthetic of Jack Rabbits partnered with enticing copy, the Barbershop saw applications for their training course fly in.


Creative differences are likely to arise when all parties are passionate about what they are producing. Initially, Jack Rabbits Barbers felt like their vision wasnโ€™t being communicated effectively through the creatives in the adverts, and had specific requirements that they wanted to include. Because of this, it meant that the original launch of the campaign was delayed by 2 weeks.


Jack Rabbits knew exactly how they wanted their campaigns to look. It was then up to Add People to ensure they clearly understand this vision and were able to execute it. A collaborative approach was taken towards creating this campaign, through numerous calls to share and discuss ideas to ensure all parties were happy with what was being created.


Through working together to create adverts that suited the aesthetic of the brand whilst being highly targeted to attract the appropriate audience, Jack Rabbits saw their campaigns receive over 14,000 impressions in just 2 weeks! From this, the barbers obtained 20 leads and there were show any signs of it slow down; the campaign exceeded all exceptions Jack Rabbits had.