Conversion Rate Optimisation saw online newsletter signups skyrocket for RH Jewellers in only 2 months!

RH Jewellers successful SEO campaign launched by Add People was already providing the business with an abundance of new visitors to the website; however, it wasnโ€™t resulting in them returning to the site after their first visit.

Conversion Rate Optimisation was quickly implemented to enable a smooth journey through the sales funnel for future customers.


RH Jewellers were receiving a considerable and steady flow of traffic to their website each month but were struggling to get customers to repeat visit after their initial interaction. Add People were challenged to find a solution to this and entice users back to return back to the site.


RH Jewellers were spending valuable time each month creating a newsletter which could be accessed through signing up on the website to attract users to visit. The amount of time dedicated to creating the newsletter, however, did not match the amount of interest generated, with it only receiving 2 people on average a month signing up.

Add People knew that in order for users to signup to the newsletter on the website, they would need an incentive to do so. Because of this, they decided to add a promotional offer to encourage users to convert; adding a targeted message that told users exactly what type of content they would be receiving in each newsletter helped entice them to sign up due to the increased relevancy.


RH Jewellers noticed an almost immediate response from the changes made on the website. Within the first two months, signups to the newsletter increased from originally only 2 up to 51! This was a much greater and quicker response than RH Jewellers were expecting and proves just how responsive undertaking CRO is.