Google’s New Local Service Ads – what are they?

What are Local Service Ads?


Ten years ago, if your business wasn’t in the Yellow Pages you might as well be invisible. Now, we’re about to be saying the same about Google’s new Local Services Ads.

Local Service Ads are brand-new to the UK this year, and as a Google Premier Partner, we’ve got exclusive early access to them … but what are they?

Well, Imagine your boiler breaks on Christmas Day … no heating, no hot showers … what you need is a plumber NOW: one you can TRUST, and one that is AVAILABLE…


For customers … freezing cold, Christmas about to be ruined … Local Service Ads allow you to get in touch quickly, see business information, read reviews, all from the ad.

But better than just that, is that Google puts the businesses you’ll see through a screening process known as the “Google Guarantee” or “Google Screened” so they’ll know that the services they book are a safe, qualified, trusted professional – and Google are vouching for them.

And what’s in it for local businesses? … Well, Local Service Ads make it easy for local providers to connect with people searching on Google for exactly what they offer.

They can advertise their services and get leads in the areas they choose, with transparent reporting, a bookings management platform, and, best of all, it’s on a pay-per-lead basis.

So, who is it for?


Local Service Ads are aimed at small businesses and service professionals that want to get new customers, get more leads, book more jobs, and build a trusted reputation for their business …

For now, whilst Google rolls out this service into the UK and Europe, these ads are focussed specifically on businesses that deal with home services …

Google’s Local Service Ads are a great supplement to local SEO strategy for businesses in specific industries such as locksmiths, plumbers, cleaners, and gardeners.

Let’s sum up why LSA’s are going to be a game-changer for local businesses quickly.


  • For businesses

    • LSA’s appear ABOVE Google results. So if someone types “plumber near me”, your ad is more likely to be seen than an organic search result.
    • You only pay for results – get more leads, and more business, whilst only paying per genuine enquiry.
  • For businesses customers’

    • Google Guaranteed – Google verifies all businesses before they are allowed to advertise. They know they can trust them.
    • Connect more quickly, and more directly to trusted, qualified professionals … no more scrolling through 000’s options to find the right solution.


Seems like a win-win, right?


If you think your business fits the description for Google’s new Local Service Ads, follow this link, and fill out the form to register your interest early and be one of the first to know in the UK when this innovative new lead generation source launches.