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So what are they?

LSAs are designed to help you connect with people who are searching for the services that you offer. The ads will only show up to people who are searching in your area, and they appear at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Also, LSA’s are pay per lead, not pay per click, so you only pay if a lead contacts you directly through the ad. This is a great feature for small business owners, as you know you are only paying for valid leads that could result in a purchase. The ads allow you to display all the information a potential customer needs to understand what your business is offering, and how to get in contact.

Google Guaranteed

Upon sign up to LSAs, your business is able to become a Google Guaranteed business. Google’s verification process means that you are able to get accreditation for your business. You are able to display the Google Guaranteed badge on all of your LSAs, showing potential customers that you are trustworthy and approved by Google. This feature is a fantastic way for small businesses to build trust and give potential customers peace of mind about choosing them for their services.

How much do they cost?

– Leads cost a little as £5 each depending on your industry.

– Google charge for each lead received and a flat price is set for each city.

– You’ll never pay more for leads than the amount you specify in your weekly budget.

– You can pause ads whenever you like.

How can they benefit businesses?

- Get more calls from potential customers as users can easily call you through the ad.

- Build trust with customers by getting Google Guaranteed so users and Google view you as a legitimate business.

- Generate more in-store traffic as LSA’s focus on advertising to users near your company’s location.

- Provide more information for your customers so they can easily see all the relevant details they need on the ads.

- Streamline ad management because Google automatically pushes ads out when a local user searches for something related to your business.

- Voice search users are on the rise and voice-assisted devices will read out LSA’s first because they are displayed at the top of the results page.

- Showcase your amazing reviews so you can easily display your reviews and ratings on LSAs to boost trust.

How we can help

As a Google Premier Partner, we are one of only two UK agencies that currently offer this service. If your business comes under one of the 16 verticals, and you’re interested in getting started with LSAs, check out our free eligibility checker:

Alternatively, if you wish to chat with one of our Digital Growth Experts, they will answer any remaining questions or queries you have concerning LSAs.

Get started with Add People

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