Pets On Set barking up the right tree with PPC advertising campaign

Pets On Set provide professionally trained animals to the TV and film industry. They teamed up with Add People, looking to set up a Google Ads campaign, in order to bring in a higher quality of leads.


Operating within a very niche market could potentially make it difficult for a Google Ads campaign to be effective. This, along with a website that was not ideal for conversions, and a small advertising budget, presented a difficult challenge for the PPC experts at Add People.


Because Pets On Set were looking for a very specific audience, it was important to make sure the adverts were set up in a way that targeted quality traffic, over quantity. The aim was to bring in users that were genuinely interested in the service, in order to maximise the budget. It was important not to waste precious budget on clicks that were looking for vaguely-related services like “dog trainer”.


After 6 days of running the campaign, Pets On Set got their first client! The revenue generated from this initial job covered marketing costs for the foreseeable future, proving the campaign to be worthwhile. By the end of the first month, 5 additional enquiries were brought in through the ads campaign – and the total budget hadn’t even been used up! Today, the campaign remains consistent, bringing in quality traffic – all for a cheap cost. This is a great demonstration of Add People’s digital expertise, delivering solutions for any type of business, even in niche markets.


“To start with, I was really worried about spending too much money on Google Ads. But I’m over the moon with getting the first job in such a short space of time!”
Laura, Pets On Set.