Shining the light on Industville going from bedroom business to multi-million pound international retailer

What started as a small PPC campaign has blossomed into a successful multi-channel partnership delivering strong ROI for this innovative interior design retailer.


Back in 2013 we started working with Industville as a fledgling business who only had a small budget to reinvest in marketing and a big hurdle of how their products would work, and sell, online.

It was clear there was a BIG opportunity here, but it required squeezing every drop out of the budget and thoroughly understanding the market.


Initially, it was all about testing. We ran a set of Google ads to poke a toe in the water, test the market, and see if we could generate sales and results.

When this proved successful … it was time to invest. We began to scale the budget up, Industville increased their portfolio of products and over time, the switch was flicked … things took off!

We are now using Industville’s budget (which has increased by 1900%) on both Google and Facebook ads … alongside utilising Bing, Amazon, and Pinterest – truly multi-channel – to deliver a remarkable return on investment for them.


Performance has been quite staggering. At first, we were a little concerned as there wasnโ€™t a lot of revenue tracking through their site.

Over time though, with the strong partnership we have, really getting under the hood of their challenges, we’ve reached a point where return on ad spend has increased by 350%.

Every relationship has it’s up and downs, but through lots of dedication and perseverance, Industville, one of our flagship clients, are the ultimate proof of the value of working with Add People.


“From where we were, to where we are now, is night and day. We had to put a lot of trust in to Add People as a small business, but itโ€™s been rewarded for sure.”
Maya, Founder, Industville.