The Stripes Company achieve incredible growth through Add People Shopping campaigns

The Stripes Company are specialists in striped fabric. Their online shop sells a range of products, from striped deckchairs to curtains. They have been partnered with Add People, since 2015. This case study explores how their eCommerce campaigns have flourished, through a year that has forced many businesses to adapt to the trends of the pandemic.


With online shopping trends increasing due to lockdown, there was a huge opportunity for growth through eCommerce campaigns. The Stripes Company wanted to target more of their product range, rather than mainly focussing on interior fabrics and deckchairs. They use a custom-built website platform, so with this in mind, there was a need for a high-quality feed, that included all of the products on their site. It was also important to ensure that the positive ROAS (from previous successful campaigns) was maintained.


The transition was made towards using Smart Shopping campaigns and time was also invested into creating an automatic shopping feed. Additionally, the eCommerce experts at Add People, experimented with different product categories so that the focus wasn’t solely on deckchairs. These elements combined, allowed for more products to be targeted and a higher quality of search capability on the feed. Ad budget was gradually increased and was carefully managed – taking their shopping campaigns to the next level.


The results have been quite staggering. In Q1 of 2021, revenue through paid traffic saw a huge increase of 380% when compared to Q1 of 2020. Consequently, revenue across the website as a whole dramatically increased, up 273.7% (almost £145k in revenue!). Furthermore, website traffic through Google Ads increased by 310% YoY, which in turn, had a positive impact on organic users – up 200% YoY. With online shopping expected to continue to grow, the possibilities for eCommerce businesses are very exciting!



£144k+ in website revenue (Q1 of 2021)

657% return on ad spend (Q1 of 2021)

380% increase in revenue from paid traffic (Q1 2020 vs Q1 2021)


“We are so delighted with the results we have obtained from working with Add People. Rowan, and now Jess, have been outstanding and have helped us every step of the way. Jess keeps a close eye on our account, growing her knowledge of our business and how to best maximise returns – she always does exactly what she says, so we have great faith in her recommendations.”  

Maria Hopwood & Sally Churton, The Stripes Company