Things to consider this month: November

Add People’s Black Friday Tips – Black Friday – 27th November 2020


Last month we spoke about how we’re quickly approaching one of the biggest and busiest shopping days of the year – Black Friday … and now it’s even closer!!!

Unlike previous years where shoppers pushed their way into stores at the crack of dawn, this year there is expected to be a greater influx of online traffic on the day due to post-lockdown cautions.

Last time we covered everything from inventory checks, to website quality and planning and setting your ads … but today’s things to consider are the last minute “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” of Black Friday from our eCommerce Team Manager, Cameron …

  • Do’s

    • Make your offering clear, make it easy for people to buy, shout about it!
    • Integrate one message across the marketing efforts; emails, social content and the website should all be aligned.
    • Use a discount/voucher code over just dropping prices (you have more control, and it makes it easier for people to see, and use the discount)
  • Don’t’s

    • Have 100s of different codes for different brands or products – this will just confuse people
    • See this event as only on the actual day – the peak is less peaky: earlier, longer peak with buyer demand spread over several days in the run up to the 27th
    • Make changes to Google Ads campaigns that are going to put it through another learning period too close to the event. (When it’s set, leave it set!)


If you’d like to discuss your plans for Black Friday in more detail with your Account Manager, make sure to get in touch today!