Things to consider this month: October

Black Friday – 27th November 2020


We’re quickly approaching one of the biggest and busiest shopping days of the year – Black Friday.

Unlike previous years where shoppers pushed their way into stores at the crack of dawn, this year there is expected to be a greater influx of online traffic on the day due to post-lockdown cautions.

And while we might be over a month away from the day, it’s important to begin prepping for it now.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of things that you’ll need to consider thinking about and planning for in order to ace Black Friday.

  • Website

    • Can your website handle a surge in traffic?
    • Do all your links work?
    • What is the user experience of your website like?
    • Have you created specific Black Friday site banners to help advertise your sales?
  • Website Content

    • Do you need to create dedicated landing pages for Black Friday adverts?
    • Do you need to produce Gift Guides/How-to blog posts to help aid your sales?
    • Are your product/service reviews up to date?
  • Adverts

    • Have you planned/set live Google adverts for Black Friday?
    • Have you planned/set live social media adverts for Black Friday?
  • Email Campaigns

    • Do you need to create an email marketing plan for the run-up to Black Friday?
    • Do you need to create new ‘after-sales’ emails?
  • Social Media

    • Have you started to post about your Black Friday offers?
    • Have you created a social media scheduling plan to keep your customers up-to-date in the run-up to the day?
  • Competiton

    • Have your competition started advertising their Black Friday sales?
    • What do their adverts read like and what information do they contain?
    • Are your Black Friday offers competitive with theirs?
  • Product

    • Do you know what your inventory levels are for Black Friday?
    • Are these numbers updated within your online store?
  • Contingency plan

    • Do you have a plan for if a problem with your website arises on Black Friday?
    • Do you have a plan for if you run out of stock?


If you’d like to discuss your plans for Black Friday in more detail with your Account Manager, make sure to get in touch today!