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Want to drive sales? Just add people.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

“So, I run a small business called Gametrog, which sells primarily retro games, older style games and accessories – and I’ve been doing that for about 15 years now.

I started on eBay and then created my own website. So, I had that running for a while as a little side job and really enjoyed it.”

What is your previous experience of working with ad agencies?

“In several of my other jobs, I actually used ad agencies, participated or worked with them for other businesses. So, with the process of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, I was very familiar – I’ve had a lot of experience with that.

As far as Gametrog is concerned, we have gone through various levels of sales and success or whatnot. So, obviously, it started out very small and it is still small.

At one point, I had another agency work with me for about six months, about a year and a half ago/two years ago now, and that went okay, but in the end, it didn’t generate what I was looking for.”

How do Add People compare to some of the American-based businesses you’ve worked with?

“It had been about a year since I had worked with the previous one, when Add People had reached out to me.

I think a lot of the issues I had with the first agency was maybe not so much with them, but with where Gametrog was at the time.

So, when Add People reached out to me, I was in a better position.

Initially, when I realised that Add People were in the UK or overseas (‘across the pond’), I was not sure how well that would work with the time zones etc.

With any ad company like this, I also had concerns about – with my area being such a niche product – that it might be hard for them to kind of understand my products and why I sell them.

But quickly after working with Add People and Jack (my Account Manager) in particular, I found out these guys were ready to learn, ready to listen to everything I had to say about the products I sell and my business.

So, I was kind of surprised when they showed me what other competitors were doing in my field, and they were able to dig through my sales and my current status was, in order to show me what might be a good direction to go down.

And then even with the time zone thing, they worked around my schedule, and that was never an issue.

I was very pleased with them once we got going.”

Do you feel like us being UK-based affected communications at all?

“No, not at all.

Be it email, chat, notifications, weekly meetings and whatnot, these have all been super easy.

You could be living next door to them as far as I’m concerned… it’s been great!”

Would you recommend Add People to another eCommerce business either in the UK or USA?

“Yeah, I would.

I would say, just like with anything in these days, location is a lot less relevant.

If they can look at what you do and understand what you do, then it doesn’t really matter.

The English accent is not too bad – I can understand everything that Jack says.

I’m from the south, so I may have an accent (I don’t believe I do)…

But I’ve had great success and I’ve been very happy in working with everybody over there.”

How was your relationship with your Account Manager?

“Jack Barton was my Account Manager.

Jack was a great guy and I really enjoyed working with him.

I was initially contacted by Fergus, the advisor that found me – he was very pleasant.

Just before I signed on board, I was introduced to Jack (when I’m talking about how easy it was to work with everybody and them digging into my business, I’m really talking about Jack).

He did a great job. I look forward to talking to him every time.

If I had concerns, he was very open to it and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

He recognised that I knew more about the type of products I sold and whatnot, than he would, and was again very open to hearing anything I had to say.

He was an absolute pleasure to deal with couldn’t say more good stuff about it.

I could say more but this would go on forever… A king among men!”

What advice would you give to businesses when choosing a digital marketing partner?

“It’s kind of tough because it could be different for every business, depending on the size of them.


So a small business like mine, I would say, because a lot of the initial thoughts I had were:


‘I don’t know if I’m a good fit for it, right?’


‘I don’t know if my products will work for an ad campaign etc.’


But if you see other businesses out there, even if they’re small, well, there’s a reason they’ve got an ad campaign running.


So, if your goal is to reach your larger competitors, then yeah, you need to jump in and take a look at it.


I would say if, you’re contacted by an ad agency and you’re trying to see if they’re the right one for you, consider a lot of the things I’ve mentioned so far…


Are they willing to listen to you?


You’re going to know more about your products in your area than they most likely will.


Are they open to discuss things with you?


So if you’re joining up with an agency, just see how open they are in that type of exchange, then I think you’re working with someone that’s reputable that’s open and transparent about what they’re doing.


That’s what I would do.”

What would you say to a US-based business that is considering working with Add People?

“I would say definitely give them a shot. They are very professional.

I’ve dealt with several individuals there and again, going back to the location had no issue.

There’s no language barrier, obviously.

There are no issues giving them access to my Google accounts.

There’s no issue in reaching them or getting hold of them.

They worked around my schedule, so they made it happen on their end, however, they could.

I’m sure Jack was on the phone to me at 06:00 am when he’s supposed to be in bed or at home, but he was there helping me out and talking to me.

So, yeah, the location would mean nothing.

I’ve had nothing but a great experience with them.”

Want to drive sales? Just add people.

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