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Local SEO Question 1
How long does it take to see results from Local SEO?

“Results depend on a huge range of elements, including location, industry etc.

We’d usually expect to see some movement over the first few months of a campaign, but SEO is a long-term marketing strategy and should be something every business maintains.”

Local SEO Question 2
Can any business benefit from doing Local SEO?

“Any business wanting to grow their local visibility on Google can benefit from investing in Local SEO.”

Local SEO Question 3
How can I get my business in the top results on Google Maps?

“A really handy tip for business owners is to get more reviews and reply to all reviews, good or bad.

Google wants to see legitimate, trusted businesses, so using their review feature is a great way to improve a brand’s trust.”

Local SEO Question 4
What are the most important factors to rank higher on Google Search?

Distance, Prominence & Relevance are ‘the big 3’ when it comes to local SEO.

Distance – considers how far your business is from the location term used in the user’s search.

Prominence – is based on how well known your business is.

Google uses information from your website, reviews, links, directories, etc. to determine how prominent your business is in your local area.

Relevance – How well does your Google Business Profile match what the user is searching for?

Google uses the information you input on your profile to better understand your business.”

Local SEO Question 5
What are citations?

“A citation is a business directory submission.

As part of a local SEO campaign, our team will create business profiles on a number of trusted directory websites to improve your digital footprint.”

Local SEO Question 6
How can I get more leads for my local business?

“If you’re a service business, Google’s Local Services Ads (LSA) is a great new platform.

You pay only for leads you’ve qualified and it is super flexible.

You also get a Google Guarantee, where Google can opt to reimburse a customer if they are not satisfied – giving you peace of mind for any accidental damage.

Our most recent Google Local Awareness (GLA) package is the answer to your prayers!

You’ll get regular leads through Google, plus a full local SEO campaign.

Another good way is to try a variety of marketing techniques.

The best strategies incorporate different channels of marketing!

Whether it’s social media, PPC, flyers, etc. anyway to get your brand out there and build up your reputation.”

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