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The sports day line up

As the sun beamed down on our ‘Sports Day’ themed summer BBQ, we traded our digital devices for a day of sweat, smiles, and splendid camaraderie.

It all started with the classic Egg and Spoon Race.

What’s a sports day without the quintessential Egg and Spoon Race?

Balancing a fragile egg while sprinting towards the finish line is a true test of focus and speed.

And let’s be honest, there’s nothing like the thrill of watching coworkers go from cautious contenders to full-on eggsperts in a matter of seconds!

Then we moved on to the Three-Legged Race:

Ah, the Three-Legged Race – the perfect metaphor for teamwork.

Grab a team mate, tie those legs together, and navigate the course with synchronized steps.

It’s all about coordination, communication, and it provided a healthy dose of laughter as our coworkers tried to avoid tangled legs and unexpected tumbles.

Next up was the Space Hopper Race.

We watched our team mates climb aboard those inflatable spheres of fun and bounce their way through the racecourse.

It was like reliving our childhood dreams while embracing our inner athlete – talk about a win-win!

But that’s not all – for all those who craved a bit more of a challenge, we got an inflatable obstacle course that put the teams agility and creativity to the test.

Having to climb, crawl, jump, and weave their way through a course designed to spark laughter and friendly rivalry after serving the BBQ lunch was interesting to say the least.

And finally, we got the team together to prove once and for all who the best team of the day was in a game of Tug of War.

The Tug of War brings out the competitive spirit like no other.

Colleagues on opposite sides of the rope, gave it their all to prove their strength and determination.

It’s a battle of wit, strategy, and sheer grit, as they pulled their way to triumph.

And the champions were…

Team Marshall!

Manchester Marketing Summer BBQ winners

So, with thunderous applause and a hearty round of congratulations, we crowned Team Marshall as the undisputed champions of our Sports Day Extravaganza.

They earned the bragging rights, the glory, and of course, the cherished memories that will be etched in the company’s history.

But let’s not forget, the real victory was the camaraderie we shared, the bonds we strengthened, and the joy we spread on this sun-soaked day.

To everyone who participated, cheered, or simply savoured the delicious BBQ treats, you made this event a memorable highlight of our summer calendar.

See what our staff had to say...

As somebody who is fairly new to the business, it was a good way to get to know lots of new people from other teams. Everybody got into the team spirit and it was hilarious to watch how competitive some people were. I had a great time!
Katie Asquith Marketing Assistant
I had a fantastic time at the Summer BBQ! Since it was my first one, I really enjoyed getting to see the fun and lively side of Add People. It was also exciting to see lots of people getting involved in all the games and activities! Great food, great company and superb weather; I look forward to the next one.
Tyriq Oldiran Junior SEO Account Manager
Everyone at Add People is really friendly and great to work with. The culture is fun and there are always fun social events like the recent summer BBQ which was a great opportunity to mingle with other members of staff who work in different departments. My role as Digital Growth Specialist is very varied (no two days are the same) meaning i am constantly learning and bettering myself, and being able to incorporate flexible working into my role makes it easier to have a healthy work-life balance. The fact the office has a pool table and a Friday afternoon bar is just an added bonus.
John Paul De'Ath Digital Growth Specialist

At Add People, we’re not just about BBQs and games (although our parties are awesome) – we’re about pushing boundaries in the world of digital marketing, collaborating on impactful projects, and fostering an environment where every member’s unique talents shine.

Just as Team Marshall showcased their prowess on the sports field, you too could become an integral part of our team, contributing to our dynamic culture and exciting projects.

Whether you’re a creative wordsmith, a data-driven analyst, or a tech-savvy strategist, we have a place for you.

As we celebrate victories and overcome challenges together, you’ll discover a platform to grow, learn, and carve out your success story in the digital marketing landscape.

To learn more about how you can be part of our vibrant team, visit our careers page or get in touch with our People team.

Let’s transform the spirit of teamwork and competition from our sports day into a future where you’re making a real impact with us.

Get started with Add People

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