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Making stunning product photos has never been easier. 

That might sound like a clichéd line to sell you something, but trust us here (we’d legally have to declare a sponsorship, so you know we’re not being paid by Adobe). 

The world of AI, combined with simple tools available to all of us through our phones, has meant that with a bit of time and dedication, you’ll be able to massively improve the quality of your product photography, and thus, make more sales.

The Significance of Captivating Creative Assets

In a world where attention spans are shorter than ever, the importance of compelling creative assets cannot be overstated.

According to a study by Adobe, 38% of people will abandon a website if they find the content or layout unattractive.

As an eCommerce business, your product photography serves as a virtual storefront, shaping the first impression customers have of your brand.

Empowering Product Photography

Product photography is a powerful tool that allows you to showcase the quality, features, and allure of your offerings.

In fact, studies have shown that 67% of consumers consider image quality to be “very important” when making online purchases.

With competitors just a click away, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality product images that captivate and engage your audience.

Adobe Photoshop image using generative fill

Introducing Photoshop’s Generative Fill

Enter Photoshop’s Generative Fill feature—an innovative game-changer that revolutionises product image editing.

With this tool, you can seamlessly add or remove elements from your photos, unleashing your creativity and transforming ordinary visuals into extraordinary representations of your products.

Generative Fill empowers you to go beyond the limitations of the original image and create captivating compositions that truly reflect your brand’s identity.

How to Use Generative Fill

Harnessing the power of Generative Fill in Photoshop is simpler than you might think.

Start by selecting the area you want to modify, and click ‘Generative Fill’ on the context menu that appears beneath your selection.

You could also make a selection and navigate to Edit > Generative Fill.

Here, a world of possibilities awaits, allowing you to tap into your artistic flair and enhance your product images in various ways.

However, make sure you’re using the correct version of Photoshop!

At the time of writing in June 2023, it’s only available in the Beta version of Photoshop.

Removing Distractions

Bid farewell to unsightly blemishes or unwanted objects that may detract from your product’s appeal.

Generative Fill enables you to effortlessly eliminate distractions, ensuring that your product takes centre stage and shines brightly.

Enhancing Composition

Sometimes, a touch of creativity can elevate an image to new heights.

Generative Fill empowers you to add elements that complement your product, enhancing its visual appeal and making it stand out amidst the competition.

Enchanting Backgrounds

Say goodbye to mundane backgrounds!

With Generative Fill, you can create captivating, on-brand backgrounds that infuse your product images with a touch of magic.

From vibrant gradients to dreamy landscapes, the options are limitless.

The Bottom Line?

By harnessing the power of Photoshop’s Generative Fill, you can expect to witness a substantial impact on your business’s bottom line.

Engaging product images that leave a lasting impression have the potential to drive conversions, increase sales, and foster customer trust.

Studies even suggest that when an image shows up in local search results, 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business.

With your enhanced product photography, you’ll gain a competitive edge and establish a strong connection with potential customers.

Looking to grow your business?


You now possess the knowledge to elevate your product photography using Photoshop’s Generative Fill feature.

Remember, captivating creative assets are vital for any successful ecommerce venture.

By investing time and effort into crafting visually stunning images, you’ll attract more customers, boost conversions, and ultimately, drive your business toward success.

So, fire up Photoshop, let your creativity soar, and watch your products shine brighter than ever before!

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